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Hey Jesse! Everything looks amazing! Good job! Was wondering what kind of stretch you got with your flip~ l know you went straight to hps & I've been curious~ my biggest height difference was 15"~

I didn't realize you had changed the title to your thread & haven't been hitting it on my drive by's~ lol


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Hey Vesp, I havent measured in a while but I will tomorrow and report back. Im on lights off right now. Also these first plants wernt trained at all, just topped once. The next 2 were topped 3 times. Im going to get a little more agressive with LST each time and track the yields.

As for the name change, if this is going to be perpetual theres no point having a strain in the title IMO. They will come and go. Already the FD is on its way out and the CC is in.


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I forgot to measure the 8 weekers when they went in, so I'll have to guesstimate.

In the end I strongly suspect Rads advice will be pretty much spot on.

If the 8 weekers do better then the 6 weekers then I'll run an 8 week veg cycle perpetually. Ive got a nice spreadsheet on excel (thanks GF!) So I just have to change it on there as needed.


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I was peeping your journal today remebering when you said you felt Id always be ahead of you. Your plants look increadible CG. I dont feel like Im ahead at all!
Thank you for your kind words. We are both equals on a journey together. [emoji3]
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