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Jgrowlove's 50 Fire Strain Hunt: 1000W HPS


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Happy Danksviging Jgrow!

Quick question for you - do you remember when you chopped your Black DOG? She’s starting to finish for me now, I want to take her in a little over 2 weeks, at 8 on the nose, if I can.

She really has frosted up nicely in the last week, she didn’t like my short veg but has redeemed herself in flower, I think it’ll be some really nice bud.


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Looking awesome in your tent. CC is killing it, lemon tonic looks promising too. MU has lovely colors through out its buds. Happy thanksgiving.



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Hey dobewan great to see you back growing after dealing with all of your health issues! You can definitely post some pics of your H.S.O Black D.O.G on my thread if you'd like! Thanks Bobrown I wanna see the Platinum Scout V2 continue to bulk up she's gonna be really frosty in hempy too I see! Speaking of bulking up here's the lemon tonic I grew from clone that was gifted by Sweetsue and breed by another member Stony Memoirs. She was harvested after 63 days in flower in that little 1 gallon pot. I've never grew a plant this heavy in soil in a this small of a pot. She smells like sweet citrus pine sol and has very dense buds.



Because of these great citrus terps I'm gonna be droping some more H.S.O beans I've been holding on for a while. Lemon Kush Headband's.


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Lovely harvest Jgrow! :high-five: Looks like she gave you nice buds, and some decent weight. Good to see you get the reward. :4:

Lemon Kush Headband huh? Sounds too intense for me. Lol!


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Lemon Kush Headband sounds awesome Jgrow. Similar in some ways to Black DOG I wonder? I've had a good experience with HSO so far, and the Black DOG definitely looks as promising.

Thanks Jgrow, here's a couple of shots of the Black DOG. She's on the left in the first shot, and the second of course is a close up of one of the colas. She's just starting week 7, and I'm just about to feed Florakleen to her tonight, so I'm expecting to take her down in 2 weeks. She's almost onto 10/14 lights at this point to encourage the finish (thanks again Sue).

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