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Jgrowlove's 50 Fire Strain Hunt: 1000W HPS


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Aw lame! I just saw that your thread was somehow condensed onbmy phone showed latest in Nov! Sheesh gotta lott a catching up to do. Lol.
Looks great what I see so far!


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Wow, much goings on in life as well the garden!
Bravo keeping things up!
I know hectic that stuff can be, bought a home 3 and half years ago and just sold it.
Dude, these plants looks amazing!
I am drooling over everything in the last 2 pages, but that Platinum Scout...looks stellar.
I noticed the purpled ones from last harvest that were berry smelling took on a wine/fermented scent after a couple of months in a jar. It's delicious for sure. Have you noticed that with any berry smelling and purple strains?


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I'm with PW, mystery plant looks like the spitting image of the Royal Queen you grew. I think you've got it.

The frost on those buds looks amazing.

I'm going to follow along in your footsteps on strain selection to an extent once again next round Jgrow. I think I've settled on my lineup, and I'm going for 2 Cookies crosses myself.


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Looks awesome Jgrow! My last round of Royal Gorilla was late to hit the markers too. Turned out solid in the end though. It's not finished curing yet but it's getting to a pretty good spot now.


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Royal Gorilla Hempy Day 20 flower. Got off to a slow start didn't show pistils until day 15 probably because of low temps! 60 degree low.

Looking good brother!
Interesting comment, I wonder if that is the reason for the extended stretch time with my girls lately?
I did notice after switching to Jacks 321 also however so it could be the plants natural expression and possibly we normally starve them of nitrogen in flower? I will look into this more.


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Thanks everyone im loving that the Hempy girls are doing pretty well for my first time growing them. Both the Zamaldelica x Panama and Royal Cookies are hempys.
@DobeWan I hope your Royal Gorilla treats you as good as mines!
@MagicJim I've only tried RQ version of gorilla glue but it has a unique smell to it that is somewhat similar to chemdawg. Just as potent!!
@Phenoman I believe the temps do play a factor in stretch during flower not sure how much tho.
@Ditchweed242 thanks brother I'm super excited for her to get into full gear and pumping buds!

Zamaldelica x Panama Flower Day 54
She's putting on some serious frost and she smells like lemon cleaner right now. Probably less than two weeks left.





Royal Cookies Flower Day 46
Definitely confirmed as R.C and I've harvested half of her to see if her earlier harvested buds are just as potent. Shes a little rugged but will come down in a week or so when I have room after the testers dry. If you can call half of a plant a tester lol.





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I can smell the Zam Pan from here J. :goodjob:

Hempy opens up a whole new world of canna cultivation, doesn't it? Doob says the new Mega Crop formula makes him smile real big. You're gonna love it even more. :green_heart:


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She my favorite plant of all time and I haven't had a chance to flower her out in over a year!

Royal Gorilla

I had to come back to admire her. She’s gonna be good to you. She prays pretty. :4:
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