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Jgrowlove's 50 Fire Strain Hunt: 1000W HPS


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Probably wouldn't want to cut a whole in the wall but there is a door that leads from the basement to the garage. Might be able to vent thru there somehow
that would probably work but I think you might need one of those duct fans pulling air away from the ac theres not supposed to be a long duct but I think the fan would offset that im sure somebody else is going to chime in with some ideas!


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When i lived in Portland we had a small air conditioner that was portable on wheels. Nice little unit could be perfect. You may need a condensation / drip line for water.


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Hey guys, Dan at @TimberGrowLights recommended I never run the lights full out. I keep mine at about 80% most of the time. You might want to back off just a tad to extend the life of the unit.
I fluctuate between 75-50%. I cannot remember the specifics but I think light production changes with heat, in terms of efficiency. Not that they get hot, but they do get bright.

I adjust height when I need, When I need my most power I turn it to full and back it off a touch, love my dimmer:blunt:


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Royal Cookies harvest update

She yielded around 4 and a half ounces of which 2 ounces has been smoked already lol. She could have went a week or so longer but i took her down early at 63 days of flower because I am moving to my first owned house! She is very potent and has a nice cherry/berry smell that brings pure euphoria after each bong rip. Indica leaning but good for day time use when used in moderation. 8/10

3.5 Gallon Perlite Hempy Rootball



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nice J remind me of the nutes you used please.


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nice J remind me of the nutes you used please.
I used megacrop 1.0 during veg and 2.0 during flower. I didn't use any calmag until late flower which showed.
@ilikemsticky no seeds so far! Ive never got an other than a handful or so except for one CSI Mendocino Underdog. One of the two clones different phenotypes gave me maybe 50 seeds or so. Thanks @Agemon @Dusty Kiefers More space= More plants= More flower!

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I tried the Mega Crop on my current GDP. It's emerald green, not a bad spot on any leaf.
I smoked a test bud today and it needed re lit, didn't have that nice white ash, and crackled. I'm not used to that.
I used the recommended 5g/gl. I'm at 7 weeks, let the flush begin.
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