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Jgrowlove's 50 Fire Strain Hunt: 1000W HPS


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Flower tent update!
Sorry for the lack of updates I've been under the weather for the last few days and haven't had the energy or patience needed to take the 100+ pictures needed to get the 7-8 clear pictures for a proper update lol.
I want to thank @DrDoob and @SweetSue again for the opportunity to hang out in San Diego on the 4/20 / Easter holiday. Dr Doob and his gf even made us Easter baskets full of all kinda goodies which of course I forgot to take pictures of because I was too busy.....
Dr Doob was also generous enough to gift me two seeds each of two strains that have been getting alot of praise here on the site. IHG- Black Cherry Punch and Sun Grown Genetics- It's It Punch.

This is my favorite cut of the Royal Cookies. It doesn't stretch much and packs on the frost and berry terps!! 8 weeks in flower and getting harvested in a few days so it's been removed from the flower tent.




With the ups come the downs of growing. I figured it would be a good idea to keep my flower tent open to help with the heat wave we had while I went on my vacation to San Diego. Well my plants took notice and are starting to reveg on the tops ughh. Hopefully they will still finish up nicely.


I have six plants packed into this 4x4 tent. The back three are all Zamaldelica x Panama with the older two being around 4/5 weeks in flower and the other one just being put into flower. In the front row we have two phenos of the Royal Cookies. The tall less frosty one on the left and the short more frosty one in the middle. The front right plant is the Cali Connection- Buddah Tahoe OG and she has been tough to figure out what's she's unhappy with. She's been losing alot of fan leaves but she's definitely the best smelling plant or the bunch so far. Creamy orange/vanilla terps on her right now!!



Royal Cookies tall less frosty pheno reveg




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Hey there Brother J - congrats on your new digs. First owned home the memories you will always keep.

Flowers looking mighty fine.

The IIP is goodies.

Glad you made it back safe.

GL with your new home and your new girls! :48:

Life is good!


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Thanks everyone I will get all of the veg plants updated too soon. It's tough getting them all situated but i will. I haven't been able to pop the BCP or the IIP seeds yet but I plan to do one of each soon for sure! I just hope I can get a BCP pheno that is as fragrant and frosty as yours Dr Doob!!


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I saved some memories for you J. :5:

Jgrowlove’s 4/20 2019 California adventure

Since I was out in San Diego during the latter part of April Jgrow decided to extend his penchant for visiting legal dispensaries on 4/20 by flying out to California and sharing the weekend with DrDoob and I. :3:

Packing for the return trip he left behind all the freebie stuff. I thought it’d be nice to document it for him.

It was delightful to share legal status with him and once again share the euphoric experiences offered by the expanded choices we had available.

I think I like this practice of being in a legal state on 4/20. Next year we have an entire month of 420. :hmmmm:


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I can’t think of a single reason why your product wouldn’t exceed the quality of what one gets from a dispensary. I’ve seen what they serve up, and it bears no resemblance to the buds I’ve seen from your garden.

Plant! Grow! Appreciate the value of having surrounded yourself with virtual growing buddies. Get HAF. :laugh2:


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Must be time for another brownie. :3:


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Man, that Zcube stuff sure was awesome for dispensary bud.

Honestly the flavor of your Black Cherry Punch was the Cannabis highlight of my trip to San Diego! I've never tasted anything like that. Pure Black Cherry candy flavor on every hit especially in the joints!!


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Just dropping in to take a peak.. Looking fine over these ways... Keepem Green
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