Jiffy pellets


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I just figured I would say something about the things I never tried em before but ehy are pretty kick ass you know the ones you let sit in watertil they expand they germinate seeds pretty fast it seems like and by the time the seedling is popping out the soil you can already see the roots coming out of the bottom of the pellet kick ass little things
I just had a thread asking about these. . . I used them. . they seem ok, but they hold too much water. . .some other growers had some advice on how to keep these from becoming root rot pellets. ..lol I'm still in the first few days of my grow, I liked how easy it was to transplant to their homes, the mesh worries me a little, weaker plants in the begining, might not push thru the case. But I suppose you wouldn't want those anyway. . lol
well I tried them out with 5 skunk seeds and 4 out of the 5 germinated and are doin pretty good I just expanded them in warm water and pulled the netting on the top back some planted my seeds put it under a light and like I said by the time it germinated the roots were already coming out of the bottom
Just watch how you water them. . . If you still have them in the dome, mist the lid, instead of watering directly. . .if you've transplanted them already, just make sure you feel around the pellet before determining if they need water. . . I've had mine about 10 days, my first water, other than the initial soak, happend 3 days after transplant. (the soil was flushed the day before so it was moist prior to transplanting) I only watered a little around where the pellet is located. If you decide to use them again, after your soak, squeeze some of the water out, and fluff them back up a little. Good luck. . .:peace:
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