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Jimmy Carter: Time to End War On Drugs

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The failure of marijuana prohibition and its inherent hypocrisy are certainly becoming clearer than ever these days, and the discussion is starting to include some pretty big names. The report released by the Global Commission on Drug Policy two weeks ago is evidence of that, and the discussion is spreading to others.

The last three U.S. presidents have admitted to using marijuana, and it did not stop them from going on to lead successful lives. This is largely attributable to the fact that they were not arrested for it, but they have still owned up to it publicly. Now, a former president is standing up and declaring that the drug war must end.

Yesterday, Jimmy Carter, former president and life-long humanitarian, wrote in The New York Times that the time to end the war on drugs had come. He suggested following the advice of the Global Commission, a major facet of which was the need to end marijuana prohibition.

Let's hope that some leaders who are still unconvinced listen to him. If not, the rest of us are prepared to keep shouting about the necessity of marijuana reform until they do.

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:bravo::bravo: Some of our members might be to young to remember but back when JC was president we had a whole different attitude on marijuana. :cheer::cheer: We were on our way towards legalization until events got completely out of hand. If the Iranians had not seized our embassy in Tehran and the political climate elected the Marijuana hating Ronald Regan and his puppet wife to office , Jimmy Carter and his admin were on there way towards legalization of Cannabis in the U.S. :goodjob::goodjob:. See what happens when a bunch of crazies half a world away can have the effect that it had here at home. I hope that now the nation might listen to him and rethink the archaic attitude that was the legacy of the Regan white house years. Raysdad :peace2::peace2: :peace::peace:
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