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Joe’s Grows Do-Si-Dos & Violator Kush In The Cave

JD Green

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Welcome to Joes caveman grow. I am not an experienced grower by any means but can say that since I joined this site a year ago my yields have steadily improved. I hope with the aid of others on here that this will be my biggest yield to date.

Set up in the cave:​

Cave size is 4 feet wide, 7 feet long and 8 feet high. The walls are lined with mylar up to 7 feet high. 1 plant each end and a small space for my fat ass to get in there.

6” extraction fan that runs off of the humidity meter or temperature meter this depends on the situation. No carbon filter, I have screen over the intake and it draws fresh air.

1 x 14” osculating fan, 1 x 12” osculating fan (floor), 2 x 6” clip on fans for the lights

1 x 1500 watt heater

2x humidifiers 1 warm mist, 1 cool mist both 1 gallon.

1 x 950 gallon per hour air pump, 4 x 2” air stone (2 each plant)

2 x 12 gallon tote complete with sight tube and drainage valve, pump system, 6” net pots. Max rez fluid level is 5 gal, min rez fluid level is 4 gal. This is due to the depth of the net pot inside of the tote. Each has a 2" hole in the top for ice, taking samples and adding nutes.

2 x homemade mini bubblers, 2 x 1” air stone and 2 x 3” net pots with rooters and every second slot cut out of net pot to allow roots to easily pass through and grow.

Medium- Clay Pellets

1 x portable dehumidifier/ac/fan unit. This will be placed in the larger room that the cave was built in.

2 x Mixjoy GL-4000a dimmable led lights pulling 450 watts from the wall each. Coverage is Veg 6’x6’, Flower 5’x5’.

1 x Do-Si-Dos (grown before) Photoperiod, 70/30 Indica hybred, 8-9 Weeks+ flower time, THC 24%-30%

1 x Violator Kush (1st grow) Photoperiod, Indica, 55-60 days flower time, THC 22.%

Nutrient and supplements used are as follows; PH Perfect Micro, Grow, Bloom, B52, Sensi Cal Mag Extra, Sensizym, Big Bud and Bud Candy. Roots- Green Planet Root Builder and Great White.

Was not sure about starting a journal, may have an operation coming up that will sideline me for awhile, if that is the case, I will start new seeds and continue on with the journal when I am able. If I get the good news on May 14 then its head down, ass up and git er done.

My method is as follows: tonight around 8pm drop the seeds in a glass of water and put them in the cave that is pre heated to 78 f and pre humidified to 70%. Tomorrow around 10am, I will put them in rooters in a 3” net pot then into the mini bubblers. When I see roots coming thru the bottom of the 3” pot, I will then put them in their forever home, the tote and will circulate the tote while providing a steady flow of water for the roots to chase down into the rez. During this time there will be 1 stone running, the second is just a back up.

The circulating system has a double purpose, 1 is to circ the rez and 2 is for pumping off the rez at oil changes. The water left in the rez that the pump cannot get is sucked out with a shop vac and I flush 1 gallon of water thru the roots, spray the inside walls then suck that out and fill her back up with new food. Quick and easy.

I will be using distilled water from start to finish, I buy it and it costs about $150 per plant.

My EC/PPM/PH/TEMP meter is made by (not sure if I will get my peepee slapped for saying the name) Hanna, its a 5 in 1 hand held. Checked bi weekly.

Today I cleaned the room and put the totes together with the pump’s, filled each with tap water and done a leak test on the pumps and tote. Fixed a few leaks in the pump lines and will let the tote sit overnight to see if the grommet will leak. I also marked my sight tubes at 1 gallon intervals. Pre soaked the rooters and put them in the bubblers.

Tonight, soak seeds. Tomorrow, get this grow on the go.

This is a caveman grow and I make no claims of anything being done right. I will post pics every few days and try to update every day.
To those who jump in, Feedback is welcome.

1st pic is temp/fan and humidifier/fan meters and air compressor
2nd pic is 6" extraction fan
3rd pic is 3" net pot before and after cut out
4th pic is both totes in place and height adjustable 14" fan
5th pic is sight tube and pump/circ system
6th pic is homemade mini bubblers ready for seeds.







JD Green

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Good morning all, if ya got em smoke em. I put the two seeds in cups last night and at 8am this morning the Do-Si-Dos was already cracked, less than 12hrs. I picked the smallest of the seeds to soak. Took them and put them in their respective bubblers, I put clay balls over the hole to keep the light out as I will be in and out of the room all day and now the grow is on the go. I still have a few things to do in the room today. The totes did not leak so I guess that I am good on that front, empty them and clean them today, then they are ready to go when needed.



JD Green

Well-Known Member
Do Si Dos is really taking off in the bubbler, I thought the root was coming up instead of going down so I ripped the rooter to look and the tap root is in the bottom of the rooter facing downward.. I would expect by tomorrow I should see the first leaves and will probably be put in the tote on Sat, I figure the roots will be thru the bottom and sides by then.

Violator cracked last night so I am expecting to see some root tomorrow. I keep a very dim light on in the room.
Temp 78f and humidity is 65%





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The journal is finished. Cant post a pic with the date stamp on it, just plain stupid, DELETE MY ACCOUNT 420

Not sure why you're so worked up, time/date stamps are fine in journals, just not in contests.

Please be patient as our team works to explain things to you behind the scenes, and get you on the same page.
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