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Joeblow420's First 700W LED - 130W CFL Soil Grow


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Hi everyone,

I'm Joe!

This is my first proper grow, I have tried once previously with 2 x Bushman seeds under 1 x 130w cfl in a homemade grow box (approx. 80cm x 80 cm x 160cm) but due to Police Action I was forced to end their lives.

The seeds are random bag seeds but I call them Bushman as it was Bush from Nimbin and it was the best I have ever had. I believe they are 80% Indica / 20% Sativa.

The growing medium is homemade soil from worm castings/sludge, chicken poop and seedling soil. A ratio of 10/10/80 so as not to over-fertilize them.

The only fertiliser I will use is rain water mixed with worm castings and chicken poop. I do not believe in adding chemicals to my buds when I have an organic solution right in front of me.

The grow tent is 120cm x 120cm x 200 cm.

I will have 1 x 700w MarsII LED light (excellent customer service from topledgrow light, I had so many questions and Sara answered them all, super cheap too)

1 x 130w CFL and approximately 20w of LED bulbs hanging around for deeper penetration.

I currently have 15 seedlings under the CFL, they sprouted their first true leaves 7 days ago and I am now waiting on the LED light to arrive so I can put them under that.

I am aiming for 8 females to flower in this area and one mother under a separate CFL in the old grow room.

In one week I am going to add two homemade CO2 Makers (yeast and sugar in the bottle shaken up).

I am going to veg for 3 weeks after I get the led (approx. 10-15 days from now) in order for them to gain enough size then switch to flowering for 9 weeks.

Any input is much appreciated!

(/All products have been ordered so no use trying to change my mind!)

Thanks and good luck to you all :thanks:
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