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Johnny Potseed season


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It's that time of year again :3: Time (for me, anyways) to sprinkle the love around, wherever I can find a good patch of mulch. And by "love" of course I mean all the bagseed I've accumulated since last springtime. Sure, I make a point of it to smoke good sinsemilla whenever possible, but I always come accross the odd bag of mids in my smoking, and when I do, I ALWAYS save the seeds. I even get friends to give me theirs. It's amazing how fulfilling it can be to throw a handful of pot seeds in some public place and walk back by a few weeks later to see those familiar leaves, sprouting right there as unsuspecting people walk by feet away. Of course, eventually someone will notice, and either tear it out, or call the cops (who will do the same). But I still get a kick out of it.

So, if you have some spare seed lying around this spring, give it a try. Some of my favorite targets:

-Shopping center flowerbeds
-The gardens of cranky prick neighbors
-Police station flowerbeds

Anyone else do the Johnny Appleseed thing? Or is this just me and my friends? :smoke2:


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haha, that's pretty funny. No, I save my seeds to grow myself.


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I plan on doing something in the same direction but I was thinkin about running wild through the woods doin it so it has a better chance of maturing dropping seeds and coming back next year i'm sure it will get destroyed some how but maybe before to long there will be wild buds growing around this country side I live in


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I wonder what would happen if you planted them in your neighbors flower garden, an called the cops on him when they sprout ... lmfao, sounds like revenge.


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Haha, nice thread. Funny stuff.
If I found seeds in my weed I would definitly keep them and grow them. Over grow the world man:allgood:
If any of you are willing to give some seeds, private message me :)
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