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John's Wicked Bloom Room: Powered By Budget LED

John Wick

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Hello all, welcome to my flowering journal and thank you @TinyBuds for coming up with the name.

The main purpose for this journal is to showcase our new sponsor Budget Led.

American made Quality Light's.

" Built for grower's, by grower's"

Smart Pot Size - 5 gallon
Medium - Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.
Lights - (2) Series 2 Red Spec. 250 watt's 3000K
I had asked for the driver's to be wired so they would be out of the tent. This is done free of charge.

Nutrients -Fox Farm Trio, Bontanicare 2-0-0 Cal-Mag plus, Great White Premium Mycorrhizea and Maple Syrup.
Strain(s) - Cali OG Kush Haze and CB Diesel both are photos.
May 29th 2019 I put one seed of each strain into water.
# of Plants: 1 of each.
Using Emilya's "How to properly water a potted plant".

The lights came very well packaged vis USPS two day Priority Mail.

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"Beware of the plant eating Cat"

No doubt, man, no fawkin' doubt. If a plant can eat a cat, it can probably eat a person, too. After all, they're a lot easier to catch (and don't sleep as lightly).

Forget a hyphen in that, did ya? ;)

EDIT: Oops, was so busy being a sh!thead that I forgot to add: Good luck with your grow!

John Wick

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Latest Series 2+ Board - "Red Spec" v2 design. The circuit design has been updated to support higher wattage drivers. The spectrum has also been slightly modified to balance out between 600nm & 660nm along with an increase in 450nm. The kit features 544 diodes with Samsung LM301B diodes, 32 Osram SSL diodes (660nm or "Red Lighting"), and 8 Osram SSL diodes (730nm or "Infrared"). This kit is the ultimate flowering light. The 660nm boosts flower production and growth in the plant. The 730nm will help with development in the plant due to its shade avoidance impact and help create the density everyone craves. This kit can also be used as a full cycle light!
Spectrum Options: 3000k - Great choice for flowering only but can also be used for full cycle growing; 3500k - Great choice for full cycle growing.


  • Spectrum Option: 3000k, 3500K
  • Max Wattage: 250W
  • PPFD - 500+@24", 800+@18", 1450+@12"
  • LED Quantities: 544 pieces Samsung LM301B SK, 32 Osram SSL 660nm, & 8 Osram SSL 730nm
  • Dimensions: 25.325 x 8.13 x 1 Inches
  • Item Weight: 10.0 lbs
  • Core Coverage Area: 4 x 4 ft @ 2 ft Height (varies by plant)
  • Max Coverage Area: 6 x 6 @ 2 ft Height (varies by plant)
  • Light Angle: 120 degrees
  • Not Waterproof - Indoor Use Only
  • Can Be used with a Timer

John Wick

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What's in the box.


Each 250 watt Kit Includes:

  • Two Boards totaling 544 Samsung LM301B Top Bin Diodes & 32 Osram SSL 660nm Diodes & 8 Osram SSL 730nm diodes

  • One Heatsink

  • One Meanwell HLG-240H Driver (driver is designed to sit on the back on the driver or be hung elsewhere)

  • One Dimmer

  • One Hanging Kit

  • Wago Connectors

  • Wiring

Heres the link for more information: ttps://www.budgetgrowlights.com/product-page/series-2-full-spec-spec-270w-grow-light-kit
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John Wick

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I have zero electrical experience, how do I put this together?

Everything comes pre-wired, even the dimmer switch.

First, I had to connect three color coded wire's into the pre-connected Waco connector's on the input side of each driver. Here, take a look . . .

Next I connected two wire's (negative and positive) into the output side going to the Quantum board's in the tent. Take a look . . .

So the whole thing took me less than five minutes for each 250 watt board.

John Wick

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John Wick

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John Wick

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Great stuff John!
I’ve been intrigued by the teaser in your signature the last week or two.
Cool hat!
Lights look good mate. Well done on the engineering side of things there.
What are you gonna grow? More Lambs Bread?

Hey DD, thanks for stopping by, I'm finishing off the two "Cat plant's".
Cali OG Kush Haze and the CB Diesel.

John Wick

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Virgin Ground

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Very nice intro Mr.Wick.
Those are some nice looking lights. They look well made and well packaged.
I think that they are going to work great for ya.


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Awe yeah! John be repping lights from my home state now, consider me jelly.
I hope they do wonders for you man! They look real sexy up in there.

Can't wait to upgrade from my first grow gear. But the cash flow is telling me "no" at the moment. One day though... One day.
:headbanger: :headbanger::headbanger:..


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Strong start on the new journal.

John Wick

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Loving it bro! Those are some sexy ass lights you got there

Thank you DK, I'm proud to showcase a new "Made in a America", Quality Quantum Board Led company.
Especially, because unlike other companies in America, all Budget Led light's come with a full 3 year warranty!
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