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Johny Chronic Seed - Intro


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Hey guys, Johny Chronic Seed here,

Just intorducing myself and look forward to learning from and sharing with the community.

Currently doing a modest medi grow with a 400W lamp w a 180 CFM inline.

F2 of my autoflower hybrids (LR#2MALE X pinklady, crital mass AFs) are going right now with a pair of Diesel clones in veg. Topped and super cropped the shit outa those poor ladies and getting ready for transition pretty soon but gonna do an extra week or two of veg (maybe take cuttings) so the AFs can get some extra light allowing diesels time to recuperate from the stress.

got some nice pics of F1 and F2 but still learning how to use this site, SOON!

Thanks guys!


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Re: Johny Chronic Seed, Journal intro

welcome to :420: mate.
you will find all that need within this community regarding MJ.
and everyone is super nice :)
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