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Joint Services Find, Destroy Ganja Fields in Region Ten

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Guyana - The Joint Services at the weekend unearthed and destroyed large fields of cannabis sativa plants at Coomacka, New England and Wisroc in Region Ten (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice) an operation in which one of the recently acquired Bell 206 helicopters executed reconnaissance and vectoring tasks. As a result of the operation too, a man is in police custody assisting with investigations.

In a statement yesterday , the Joint Services said Operation Greenfield, which was a combination of air, river and ground assets destroyed ten fields of cannabis sativa containing some 14,900 plants as high as 12 feet and with an estimated weight of 3, 305 kilogrammes.

The operation was conducted over a seven-acre wide area and in addition to the plants, 684 kilogrammes of dried marijuana were found along with 14 nurseries that contained some 5,550 seedlings. Eleven camps were destroyed and one person was arrested. The arrested man was found in a house with eight kilogrammes of marijuana near one of the fields .

The statement said the river assets provided transport for the forces to access the sites and the ground forces located and destroyed the fields, executed the arrest and seized equipment.

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I wonder if they also have Bong Services?
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