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Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022
Ok, this will be an experiment in a few fashions.

The plant in question is a Sour Apple Autoflower from Jon's Hermie Factory, originally from Humboldt Seed Co.

1. Other than this post, this will be a photographs only journal. I will post today and then once a week on Sunday afternoon I will post an update photo. I will respond to any comments as consistently as I tend to do, but in this journal only with emojis. Any and all comments are welcome or you guys can join the journal part of the experiment and only comment with emojis yourself and together we can maybe keep it all just a series of photographs. I think that might turn out to be cool. But my end will remain comment free. This is the journal part of the experiment.
2. The plant experiment is this: from my last grow I found, to my surprise, 9 seeds in the Sour Apple Autoflower I recently harvested. All nine seeds were found only in one bud, and that bud was the very bottom center of the stem and the only bud I had already committed to flarf. The seeds appeared to be quite viable. I know they are female and hermie prone if the plant they came from generated them, but for the sake of the experiment we don't care about that. Here are the elements of the "experiment:"
- The pile of soil this plant is in is comprised of the soil that was in the pots from my previous grow. The root balls were complete in these pots, so the soil has tons of broken up roots in in. It was dumped where you see it as the plants got harvested with no future intentions. It is between two months and a month old. When I found the seeds I had the idea to see how used, spent, supposedly dead soil will do and if a plant will develop to any worth in it. I tried my best to keep the mulch out of the mix as I piled up this pile. So Part One is How Does a Plant Grow in Spent Soil? Mostly this mix is comprised of my Fox Farms soil mix of 40% Ocean Forest/40% Happy Frog/20% perlite #3. And the plants in this soil were all given the primary three part FF nutes when they were alive. She is in a pile that is at least equal to a 7 gallon pot, probably bigger.
- I will let nature take it's course 100% on this grow of this poor plant. I will only water in case of extended drought which is highly unlikely. More likely is tons of rain. I have the plant where the pile was, and that is in a spot where the first part of the day until around 11 am is shady, and then the rest of the day the sun hits the plant. There is also some minimal protection and shade from the bush she's under, but I will be trimming the top branches from that bush that overhang the Sour Apple.
- I will add no nutrients or additives of any kind. If she dies she dies. I expect her to.
- For curiosity, I tested the ppfd (par level) of the natural sunlight using the Phototone app and the sunlight setting with the diffuser in place. At the top of the seedling, in the shade as she is in the photo she's getting 330 par. In the direct sunlight at the same height the app reads 2600+. Lol.

That's it. That's the experiment. So five days ago I popped two of the Sour Apple bagseeds into the pile. After three days they both popped out of the soil, so today is Day 2 for them. Only it's not them, only one of them. One came out green and sweet and strong and the other came out pale, almost yellow, and sickly looking. Easy pheno selection, lol. So I pulled the pale one and the survivor is our girl. Her name is Sacrifice. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

Kind of silly, but kind of a cool little experiment, right? And since it'll be photographs only from here out (on my end) the journal should be very short and sweet and to the point. There won't be anything to say because I am literally doing nothing, and what you will see is what I will see. I may add a weather update if something extreme happens. So I hope you guys enjoy this and we have some fun with it.

So the first photos of a photos only journal:
Day 2
August 22

-- Sacrifice on Day 2 of her life
-- A picture to show the entirety of the space she is in

Next post/photo update on Sunday, August 29, Day 9

Sacrifice Day 2 August 22.jpg

Sacrifice home from afar.jpg
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Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022


Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022
Sacrifice the Intrepid
Sour Apple Autoflower in Used Soil Outdoors Seed to Harvest with Zero Human Intervention
Pictorial Update
Sunday, September 5
Day 2 - 10 - 16

Sacrifice Sunday Spetember 5.jpg
We will do this periodically
Photographic Comparison by Day of Growth
Time Lapse Sort of Thing
Day 2 - 10 - 16

Sacrifice Day 2 August 22.jpg

Sacrifice Day 12.jpg

Sacrifice Sunday Spetember 5.jpg


Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022
Sacrifice Update
Day 19
This is the only verbal post on my end because of the HUGE change

Ok so I'm cheating on the journal rules for this one post because of a major change for the Sour Apple Spent Soil Experiment. I decided this girl was actually going to grow. I thought she'd be dead by now. She is anything but, to my shock. So I have decided to give her a fighting chance.

The problem she had where she was is that it's shady for more than half the day. See how stretched she is already on Day 19? This would not be the case if she was getting good sun all day long. Well, the only way to do that was to move the plant. And the only way to do that was to put her in a pot. When she's already on the ground and IN the ground, even if it is a pile of dirt. Sounds relatively simple, right? Yeah? Well, how do you know where the roots end in that pile? How do you get the pile to stick together without falling apart and ruining everything permanently while you are getting it into the pot? And if you don't have a shovel, how will you even begin? It's kind of tricky. I hope to never do it again.

But it's super interesting and fun and you guys will love this. Eight step process. Went like this:

1. Slide large 18x18 inch square floor tile under plant at the height you believe will fill a five gallon pot when slid into it.
2. Once the tile is all the way under the dirt and well below the roots, clean off excess dirt to get the ball to be roughly shaped in the right shape and size to fill the pot.
3. Place about 2 inches of Fox Farms Ocean Forest in bottom of pot and fold edges of pot all the way down to that dirt level to create a horizontal surface that's the height of the bottom of the pile of dirt that's sliding in..
4. Wet the entire pile of dirt to slide into pot with plant so it stays together
5. Using two hands and holding the dirt ball together, CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY slide the pile onto the 2 inch dirt layer in the pot.
6. Backfill with Fox Farms Ocean Forest
7. Top dress the soil with actual worm casings about half an inch thick around the plant.
8. Water the entire surface of the soil to integrate all the elements together throughout the pot.

The pictures show this in order.

This now allows me to put this plant in the best sun for the entirety of the natural sunlight day. A huge upgrade for her. But we have maintained enough the integrity of the experiment, as she is still growing in spent soil and still not going to get the slightest human intervention. This was it.

HEH. That was fun.

I don't recommend it. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

The first three pictures are Sacrifice today before this transplant of sorts, including the third shot to show the dirt pile that had to get transferred into a pot..
The following five pictures are the step by step of what I did.

The rest of the grow and the journal will continue as intended. Thanks for stopping by!

Sour Apple Spent Soil Before from the Top.jpg

Sour Apple Spent Soil Before from the Side.jpg

Sour Apple transfer pile of dirt.jpg

Sour Apple Spent Soil Transfer Step Two onto 18 x 18 inch tile after wetting all around to hol...jpg

Step 3 position plant on tile with pot and soil so that it slides right over.jpg

Step 4 top dress with actual worm casings.jpg

top dressing.jpg

Finished Sour Apple new digs september 8.jpg


Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022
Sacrifice Update
Grass Cutting Day/Sacrifice Lounging in the Rig A Bit
Day 31
I Never Said I Wouldn't Train Her A Little
No cutting, No topping Training - Bending and Positioning Only
Somehow She's Actually Looking Pretty Decent for All Her Weirdness!

sa train 1.jpg

sa train 2.jpg


Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022


Member of the Month: April 2021, Feb 2022 - Photo of the Month: July 2021 - Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2021
Sacrifice Day 36 Still Vegging
Why Does This Plant Look So Good In Used Soil With Zero Nutes?
Results of Non-Invasive Training Begin to Show

Sour Apple Spent Soil Experimental Update September 24.jpg
No nutes yet...and in used soil? Wow...wish that Sohum soil was available around here.

Looking good Jon. Hope you have a good weekend buddy!


Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022
No nutes yet...and in used soil? Wow...wish that Sohum soil was available around here.

Looking good Jon. Hope you have a good weekend buddy!
You too Rexer, but it's even more mystifying than that - this is used FOX FARMS soil. If it was Sohum I could at least make the supposition that there were still microbes living in the pile of spent soil, so in essence it really wasn't "spent" soil. This is literally the exact soil my second grow autoflowers grew in. Dumped in a pile under a bush on top of a mulched bed. That's it, other than the two inches in the bottom of the pot of Ocean Forest. And all she's had is rainwater except for one watering when it didn't rain for five days of plain old water at 6.3. I expected this plant to be dead by now, or showing so many deficiencies she'd be worthless and not even worth finishing. I truly have no explanation for this. The plant should not look like this.

Anyone with any theories on this? Please share.


Member of the Month: April 2021, Feb 2022 - Photo of the Month: July 2021 - Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2021
Wow! Not at all what I was expecting.

I guess it might go back to the old addage:
You feed the soil, not the plants?

I dunno, it's no secret that I suck when it comes to soil.I'll wait to see what others say....I'm impressed.
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