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Story by Jorge Cervantes
Variety is the spice of life, they say. To this end, seed companies are perpetually developing new strains in their never-ending quest for the perfect bud. Looking for a new short-season strain, or are you ready to try your growing hand at a slow-maturing sativa variety? What are the hottest new strains on the market? Where do you get them? Find the answers to these questions and more in this guide to the latest strains that growers are raving about.

Buddha's Sister won second-place honors in the Best Indica Strain/Seed Company category at the 2002 Cannabis Cup. Soma Seeds produces the mind-bending, predominately indica variety, a hybrid cross between Reclining Buddha and Afghani-Hawaiian. The tradeoff for the pungent bouquet during flowering is the super-resinous buds that make potent, greasy hash. You may know Buddha's Sister by her previous, less-descriptive, name, Soma Skunk V+. The bouquet appears more tart than sweet, and the candy-like tart-cherry flavor sticks to the roof of your mouth. Slippery, silky-feeling buds appear to be rolled in resin. Strong stocks and prolific side branching support numerous mold-resistant airy buds on this heavy yielder. A 10-week flowering cycle makes this branchy variety more labor-intensive if growing in a Sea of Green. Find out more about Buddha's Sister at somaseeds.nl

As first-place winner of the Best Indica Strain/Seed Company category at the 2002 Cup, THSeeds-Hempworks can now add another trophy to their ample collection. A friend of the owners from Southern California came for a visit and brought along with him the genetics of this fast-flowering fat, greasy indica. This variety is a high yielder, and the head is very classic indica–heavy and extraordinarily stoney. This versatile, easy-to-grow plant matures trouble-free both indoors and out in most climates. Flowers are ripe on very large plants after 55-60 days of flowering. Find out more about the Hog at thseeds.com. Also for you indica lovers, THSeeds is in the process of stabilizing their Sour Diesel and L.A. Kush. Stay tuned.

KALI MIST/Serious Seeds
This strain shared third place in the Best Sativa Strain/Seed Company category at the 2002 Cup with the Greenhouse's Super Silver Haze. This new and improved take on an old favorite is 90% connoisseur-quality sativa, and provides a very strong, clear, energetic high. The tall, lanky plants slowly develop clusters of fluffy buds after 70-90 days of flowering. The longer flowering time and sparse growth habits ensure that lower leaves are well lit. Indoors, Kali Mist grows big plants with super-resinous buds that exude an enchanting spicy fragrance. It's mold-resistant during wet weather.

I also have to publicly apologize to Simon for accidentally leaving Serious Seeds out of the annual seed article. Serious Seeds are outstanding in quality, and he constantly works to improve them. Hit his site, seriousseeds.com, for a serious education.

MANGO®/KC Brains
Mango has been around for a little while, and took third-place honors in the Best Indica Strain/Seed Company award at the 2002 Cup. The parents, KC Special Select and KC33 (an Afghan variety), produced this F1 hybrid with extremely large buds. These buds are huge! This is a great plant for commercial production, because the buds are so big and heavy that they can be picked after six weeks of flowering. They develop even more resin and become very stoney if left flowering for nine weeks before harvest. Indoors, Mango tops out just under three feet, and can yield more than five ounces when properly grown. It grows up to 10 feet tall outdoors, and can easily yield two pounds or more in climates where it can be harvested from late September through mid-October. Learn more about Mango at kcbrains.com.

Mother's Finest is the newest sativa strain in the legendary Sensi Seeds' collection. This phenomenal bud sauntered away with numero uno honors at the 2002 Cup in the Best Sativa Strain/Seed Company Category. An outstanding sativa/indica cross, it really mines the best chromosomes from each parent. The unmistakably wonderful soaring sativa high is coupled with a heavy yield and short flowering time. This was one of my favorites at last year's Cup! Depending upon how you like your high, you can pick this plant young after 50 days of flowering, or let her mature for a full 70 days. A tall 4'-5' stature demonstrates dominant sativa genetics, with yields of four ounces or more. See more about Mother's Finest at sensiseeds.com.

Morning Glory was the winner of the 2002 Cup for Best Strain of Marijuana in a Coffeeshop. It was developed by the world-famous Barney's Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, who also won the Best Coffeeshop award at the same Cup. This sativa/indica mix is a cross between true-breeding Hawaiian Sativa/Afghani X Shiva Skunk. Huge buds form on long stems over a 12-week flowering period. It's a good producer, with a strong, soaring sativa head and the thump of a good indica, an all-round good high. Morning Glory seeds go on sale May 1. Find it at Barney's, Haarlemerstraat #98-102, 1013 EW Amsterdam, Netherlands; phone, (011) +31-20-625-9761; e-mail, info@barneys.biz. Read a good history of Barney's at coffeeshop.freeuk.com/ACDfrmGu.html.

NYC Diesel genetics began in the Big Apple before being awarded the second-place 2002 Cup in the Best Sativa Strain/Seed Company category. The variety was also judged the Best Strain of Marijuana/Coffeeshop under the De Tweede Kamer banner. A cross between Mexican sativa and Afghani, NYC Diesel exudes the aroma of ripe red grapefruits and produces a very congenial, inspiring high that keeps your head clear and your body energetic. Ten full weeks of flowering will yield concentric, mouth-watering buds that reek. Growers definitely need odor control for this variety! Do not plant without at least a charcoal filter. Find this variety at somaseeds.nl.

DOUBLE DUTCH/Magus Genetics
Double Dutch is a cross between Warlock and a pre-2000 Chronic female. The fruity wildflower-like aroma is the first hint of the seductive, complex taste and high. While indica head-thumping strong, it also provides a serious cerebral effect that lasts up to four hours. This heavy-producing indica-dominant plant has big fat leaves, thick stems, and overall bushy growth. Sativa genetics spur long buds that swell when well watered. Buds are so heavy they must be staked. It's a good all-around performer in both organic and hydroponic grow shows. Harvest 4-5 ounces per plant after 55-65 days indoors when well grown. Find this variety at Magus Genetics, magusgenetics.com.

DIABLO/Kind Seed Company
Diablo won second place for Outdoor Strains in the Vancouver Fall Harvest Cup in 2002. First place went to Time Warp, another purple strain that grows well in northern climates. Diablo is a great all-around plant that will grow well in all climates. It can withstand harsh cold and rainy fall weather. The Blueberry/Grapefruit X South African Sativa cross yields naturally purple foliage and buds. This dream plant is very fast to mature (45 days indoor) and outdoors; it finishes by the end of September in Vancouver. Even with the short flowering time, this winning plant yields heavy, thick, dense buds of prime smoke. Diablo is a very good commercial strain! Hit the Kind Seed Company site, kindseed.com, to learn more, or dial (604) 408-1198 to talk to a real live person from Next Generation Seeds.

Legends Ultimate Indica was developed by Breeder Steve from Spice of Life Seeds. He used an Ortega female, an extremely dense, short Northern California Afghani that grows into one large pinecone-like cola, and mated her with a second Sweet Tooth backcross. LUI has a slightly lemony and strongly hash-like flavor. Joints produce thick, dense smoke and are hard to keep lit. The very sedative couch-lock buzz has been verified by patients as a great pain reliever. LUI also makes "full melt" hash that should be sold in pharmacies! It produces a bush of dense, ripe buds after eight weeks of flowering indoors, and finishes in late September outdoors. Find out more about this very stoney strain at legendsseeds
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