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Good afternoon everyone currently it is 12:53 in California a very nice day today . Well to begin I just want to say this is a gonna be a very long journal the reason . Why make 2 journals? You'll see why. So a year ago I purchased Chernobyl from TGA and DoubleBerry I also had the opportunity to find a bag seed in some Platinum Cookies so these will be the base of my Future grows. Since then I have Pollinated the Chernobyl . And also I have Crossed DoubleBerry xChernobyl and platinum cookies X Chernobyl. I have a mother plant for The Chernobyl and Double Berry as of now. I have taken several clones from both and those are in the aeroponic maschine. As far as seeds I have recieved from a friend Flowerchild X coogies , Coogies BX , kendawg X coogies , and the funk X coogies , so there are several strains waiting to become sprouts in my tent. In my cloner I also have Gorilla glue #4 , GSC , Do si dos , platinum og Kush and grape cookies #2 and last but not least Ghost og hoping these root soon!

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So here is an update after germination of seeds. These are the amount of seeds to genetics that successfully sprouted.

19 Chernobyl X platinum cookies out of 25
5 the funk X coogies out of 6
5 coogies BX (ii) out of 6
6 ken dawg x coogies out of 6
3 flower child X coogies out of 6

these are in either black gold natural and organic or salamander potting mix . I'm doing a comparison to see which of these allow the plants to thrive more in their vegetative state I'm also using green stone nutrients A+B 1mL each ,Cali Mag 1mL foundation 1/2 tsp super thrive 1mL and a foilar spray solution of super thrive 2mL and Neem oil 1oz per gallon .

I suspect the salamander to aid the sprouts more since the mix is a coco blend and the medium seems to be softer then the soil mix although the nute feeding will effect the results I will judge by the root development at the end

The plants seem to love the foilar they perk up once they get a little spray . I usually dress them with the solution twice a day once during lights on and once during lights off. The roots are thriving with the solution of nutrients I have made. a little goes along way and every time I give them a watering I see a significant grow in the next couple days. although I noticed 2 coogies BX (i) seem to get a little nute burn. May consider those as negative points when choosing the phenos

As far as These are plants that are currently soon to be mothers except the coogies I still yet to pick out desired phenos
13 coogies BX (i) out of 17
5 Chernobyl teens
1 double berry teen

All of these are being grown under a SolarStorm 400 confined in a 3.5x3.5x6ft space on a 18/6 schedule

Temperatures range between (nights )64*F-78*F (days)

Also on the way I have Dheli friend,double cream,cream cheese ,and underdawg OG

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It's been awhile since I have last posted and it's because I've been so busy with school and setting up the new room.

Yet still there is still much to do!
Since my last post I have upgraded to a new tent and lighting system

Now using a 4x8 Apollo Horticulture grow tent
1-400 watt MH Apollo horticulture light with a reflector wing on a dimmable ballast
1-Nanolux HPS 1000 watt dimmable fixture running at 600 watts

On a 24 hour light cycle

The reason why is because I sexed the plants that came from seed and ended up pulling out all the males so now I have the females ready to veg out and become mothers they have been transplanted into 1 gal pots from solo cups. once they fill that I will then place them in 7 gals where they will remain the rest of there life span . Also I have switched to 100% coco from nutri plus. Great stuff.

So till then I will run the lights 24/7 until I see them go back into veg then 18/6 schedule

I also do not water by hand anymore

Using a 32 gal trash barrel I have filled it up to 20 gallons of water and made a solution of some nutrients at a PH of 5.9 , earth juice mycos, mammoth P microbes , greenstone A+B , Dutch silicate , cyco uptake Humic -acid , greenstone cali mag , B-1 super thrive , Alaskan kelp/see weed extract and fish food , and Hawaiian bud sugars is in the solution. All from different labels I went this method because some brands have same products at different concentrations with a better price. They are still getting everything they need

Also a foilar of Neem + silicate and B1
it's doing an amazing job I must say no burning

in the barrel I have placed a water pump attached to a hose running to a wand and a circulation pump as well as an o2 stone just to keep things fresh

Venting the room out of the roof through a vent that has already been there during lights on temps are 73-75 F humidity 50-65% will try getting it to 65%

So far everything seems well in order but I do need to see about getting an intake fan for the summer to run cool fresh air in since the conditions will get much hotter but I have time for now.

The old DR90 tent a 3x3 will be my future flowering tent much smaller then a 4x8 but I think this will be ideal since I know this tent and what it takes to have t at the perfect conditions also it is smaller and I'll have more control I will run a SOG method using 1 gal pots vegging for 2 weeks

I will be placing a Nanolux 1000 watt dimmable light fixture in there that I have waiting to be opened till it is time to run that
@750 watts I will have 83 watts /sqft I plan on raising the watts in the last weeks of flower to increase light intensity my guess would be more resin production due to the plants trying to keep themselves from burning . What do you guys think?

So in the mean time it's just all about planning vegging and keeping the current mothers happy till its time for my first perpetual grow

Let's get it
Hope all is well in your world.

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