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Joys Of Growing: Great Guide!


Member of the Month: Dec 2015
Great read but I did find one thing I feel got left out. I am sure it was merely over looked when written but feel it is very important to mention.
I read the section covering safety and privacy and what I did not see is the mention of the following
Best to make sure you have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in the home preferably in multiple locations. When you wake up in the middle of the night with your house on fire is not the time to start thinking about buying a fire extinguisher. Make sure you do not over load your circuits. You will be running your lights anywhere from 12 to 18 hour per day. According to the NEC (National Electric Code) this constitutes a continuous duty circuit, which is not to be loaded to over 80% of the breaker and wires size and capacity. In other words if you are doing this in a spare bedroom you can be pretty sure every receptacle in that room are on the same 15 amp circuit. Since it is going to be used as a continuous duty circuit you should only load that circuit up to 12 amps top. That is a combined load not individual loads. If you need more power to run your grow there are ways to get around this "SAFELY". That being the key word. All the marijuana in the world is not worth you losing your life or the life of a loved one over, I do not care how great a strain it is.
By all means grow, I know I do, just please be safe and remember, if you think going to jail over a grow would suck, imagine going to your wife or child's funeral.

Be smart, be safe and grow well.
Ignore the xxx's. I need info on where to get the best purple Kush seeds and tips on start up like lights etc. I just got my card today in california. Any experience will be much appreciated. I don't need to replicate others mistakes.