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Judge to Review Medical Marijuana in Fresno

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
A Fresno County Superior Court Judge is expected to decide on Thursday whether medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of Fresno will be allowed.

The decision comes after the city filed a lawsuit against nine dispensaries, saying they don't meet a city ordinance that says they have to comply with federal and state law.

Before there were medical marijuana dispensaries in Fresno, people would travel to San Francisco or Los Angeles or even buy it illegally on the street. That’s how it will be again if the city gets its way and a judge issues a restraining order, closing the nine shops in Fresno.

Doug Sloan, Assistant City Attorney, said, “The city council passed an ordinance that requires that all medical marijuana facilities comply with both state and federal law.”

The ordinance is impossible for now, since the federal government classifies marijuana as illegal and the state says it’s not, if for medicinal purposes.

The case will be heard at 3:30 PM Thursday afternoon inside the Civil Courthouse in downtown Fresno.

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