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Zup :420:

:welcome: I greet you all, take a seat, feel like home, feel like this growroom is Ya'all's growroom ;)
That means, feel free to advice, dictate or whatever gets it trough da wire, I am all ears ya know :high-five:

This will be my first adventure in too Ebb and Flow table grow.
I made the table, made it water tight and installed the overflow and fill fittings, easy peacy (high and all)
Cheap as well, used the pump from my old propagator, did not think very far on that one though! heeh...
Dual 400w hps and a 200w cfl.

Well, took my cuttings from one outdoor Northern Light (white label) mother.

Table is filled with Leca, expanded clay pebbles.

Clones are brought up in Rockwool.

And placed in the table at transplant.

So this is a hydro grow indeed, ran in some troubles with ph and the Rockwool. Had read up on it though, and knew I had too soak the Rockwool in Ph'd water prior to taking cuttings, tranplanting and so on.
Well, I did that, but used my ph-down for growth with nitric acid which did'nt work that well. The ph climbed too high, and caused some lockout. Switched to bloom ph down, with phosforic acid, and ph was much more stable?!
So Cuttings took off and got in the table, one week with 18\6 vegging out some branches, did a little topping and here we are, one week into 12\12.


Oh yeah, clones where taking from a mother that had just starting flowering. So revegged, and put to flower again. I suspect this is why no pistils has showed yet, 100 percent sure they are female though.. But its all about too go down, and I welcome you all too follow along. Details are coming as we go along, faster if requestet I'm sure, hehe.

-Peace out JuicySoil


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A little about the room. Its approx. about 4 x 6 feet, divided with a little veg space in the back of the room. In summer times I usually need to run my lights in cooltubes to keep temps in check. This grow, I'll be using open reflectors, relying on the exaust too vent out hot air.
I just had some complaints from downstair neighbors about the exaust, kept it running 24\7. Got a speedcontroller attached now, and thougt turning it down too half effect would kill the noise, but no no.. Its a 10" extractor fan moving 940 m3 in one hour. Noisy mofo. So now I will have to sound insulate it a little. I will do so today.. Stay tuned, more details will follow. :peace:


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Inside the box it went, I connected the extractor fan to the speedcontroller and led the cable out the top frame. Wrapped the fan in a sleepingbag, placed it in the box, and filled the rest of the empty space, in the corners of the box, with insulation too muffle sound and vibrations as much as possible.
My first thought on the complaints from the neighbors, was that the sounds they heard where not the actual suction but the vibration from the rotor going through the walls and "leading the sound" But I dont know, this should help a little in ether case?
No matter what it's not acceptable neighbors hearing noises from my grow, not stealth enough, so doing what I can to get there.
I can hear this shit is still loud, not as loud rumbling maybe, but suction noise is still strong, but I figure it'll always will be, as long as no silencer or filter is attached.
Because of the location of the apartment I can lead the hot air\smell out straight under the roof, high in the sky, no one gets in contact with it, straight out over the ocean..
I've connected the extractor fan too the light cycle, so its only during daytime and outside traffic its running, and it wont bother any one. Ya know, its just like, when you lay your head on the pillow going too sleep, you can hear every sound in the house. When things finally quiet down, its like the sound travel through the different materials, bed, wall, floor or ceiling..
We'll see how goes, im pretty satisfied with fan as is, I am sure if a filter is attached it wont make that much of a noise.
The main problem being when it shuts down during night cycle, the under pressure in the room will be next too none, causing the whole block too smell up before morning when it kicks in again. So evidently another smaller, less noise, fan is required to keep the under pressure. Definitely a cheaper option than investing in a carbon filter, but a carbon filter would up the stats in stealth no matter what, while reducing sound level. We'll see, but I am happy for now.


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A little insight on the girls..

All are Northern Light from White Label seed's. It was my first strain to acquire, and too this day the one I still love the most.
I transplantet a couple of cuttings out in the great outdoors this summer, and the clones in this grow where taken from one of them. The mother had just started flowering, at the time cuttings where taken. If I recall right this is referred to as "Monster Cropping" and should promote some heavy branching when revegged.. I can relate to this, allthough I've done topping on every single clone, they seemed to be branching out more than usually before topping. On another note, they do seem longer to show they're pistils.
Preflowers are here, but it where about 8 or 9 days ago I flipped da switch to 12\12. I've had some flowers shown earlier before, like after 4 days from the switch, but them clones where brought up under Gas Lantern Routine, which in my experience promotes transition time from veg to flower radically. This batch of clones have been rooting under 24 hours of light cycle direct from flowermode and revegged, then vegged for 10 days under 18\6 cycle, then switched too 12\12 for flower again. All of this happening within a month, is causing the slow transition back too flower again I reckon. Which really, if you think about it is truly amazing can even be done, that you are able too manipulate the plant in such great manner, and get it to do what you want, even change sex if you stress it right and enough. Cannabis blows my mind in so many ways:smokin:

Now we are on the 8th day of 12\12 and very soon be counting the 1st day of flowering.

Nutrient solution where changed too flower nutrients 4 days ago, ended veg at a ppm of 900.
Startet out flowering solution at 800 ppm after a flush with RO water with H2o2 ( hydrogen preoxide)
Ph is kept at 5,6 - 6,3, I try too adjust my solution to around 5,6 and let it drift trough the week up to 6,3 max before adjusting down again. This for making the nutrient more videly availble, and because of the simple fact the ph always tend to drift a little up.

Feeding schedule in the Ebb N Flow table on flower 12\12 is:

Lights 0n 08.00 Off 20.00

Pump on 09.20 off 09.25 (offset, so I can check watering before work)
Pump on 15.00 off 15.25
Pump on 21.00 off 21.05

Thats a feeding of 5 minutes three times a day. It takes 4 minutes for the water to reach the overflow fitting, giving it a minute more to flush possible salt buildup.
Works wonders, growth spurt is on, been in the room tonight bending and training shoots too they're own hole in the chicken-wire screen, want a bud coming up of every single hole in that srceen before stretch is over in a couple of weeks :439:

Thanks 4 checkin inn :peace:


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Hey there JS, Nice go so far, hope all the sound proofing will help till you can get a fiilter. Love all the DIY, looks a little like and IB subwoofer I put in my attic , lol . Love the SCROG too, next grow gonna have to put one in and give it a whirl.

Peace and happy growing, will be back to check in. OG


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Hey there JS, Nice go so far, hope all the sound proofing will help till you can get a fiilter. Love all the DIY, looks a little like and IB subwoofer I put in my attic , lol . Love the SCROG too, next grow gonna have to put one in and give it a whirl.

Peace and happy growing, will be back to check in. OG

Zup OG1969 :welcome: :thanks:

Yeah the box got kinda big, but it helped a little. DIY is great, makes it fun (especially when you succeed) and it works out ;)


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Would you say boxing in the fan was worth it? I had this idea just the other day and was talked out of it. The way it was explained to me is that it might muffle some of the sound of the motor running but that it's not going to muffle the sound of the air moving and that that is the majority of the fan sound. I was advised to try and sound proof where my sounds were leaking from instead. (in my case through some boarded up windows most likely)

What do you think?

EDIT: I see you already touched on that.


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Zup Doc ;
I think it was worth the shot, but too be honest it is still very loud when i crank the controller to max. Its Just like you where explained, the motor rumbling has been reduced, but suction noise remains the same. The Box are bigger as well, so maybe in your case where its the suction noise there is the problem, it might not be worth it. But i'll say if you got the materials and time, its worth the shot.


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Nope, and it is getting crowded, hehe. I had a plan too expand the growroom, thats why switching too ebb N flow and trying out active hydro. Well, long story short. Did not get a bigger growroom. Clones where cut with a bigger table in mind, had all the mothers I needed, so in they all went :58:. Things turned out to be a diy build of a grow table, too try it out before making the expansion, and because my mind where set on active hydro anyhow. Had planed out three scenarios of grows I would like to try if I had gotten the bigger room. Being the Ebb N Flow, NFT and Drip irrigated Rockwool cubes waste too drain. Hard to pick a style, I wanna grow them all.
Ebb N Flow table where simply just the fastest and easiest build with what I had of parts laying around,
so Ebb N Flow here we go:blunt:
Actually my first thoughts on the screen where just for keeping the plants from falling over each other and get support trough the wire. Now Im just trying too fit all the shoots too they're own little hole to climb through, hoping too get a more even canopy.
Hopes high, hopefully they will all get they're share of light ;)


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ps. Consider removing the Chicken wire?!?

No, I like the screen, really think Im gonna make this work. With some heavy defoliation and training. Kinda like L.S.T. just without tying branches down, just spreading them out to fill the wire. If too crowded, I can always thin the table out by taking some cuttings.

Just experimenting, we'll see how it plays out ;)
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