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July 1, 2007 - 420 Magazine Newsletter

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
420 Magazine Newsletter
Creating Cannabis Awareness Since 1993 - July 1, 2007

Looking For Relief, More Time
Marijuana protects the nerves and dramatically slows the progression of ALS and other fatal neurological disorders, according to reputable studies. I point this out as a reminder and to provide a voice for those of us caught in the middle of what seems like an intensifying marijuana war.

Legalized Pot Long Overdue
Estimating that marijuana brings some $5 billion into the Mendocino County economy, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors recently sent out an impassioned letter demanding that marijuana be legalized and taxed for the benefit of local governments.

Card Will Give Validity to Medical Marijuana Users
Those who smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes -- and are following a recommendation from a qualified doctor - will soon have another identification card to add to their wallet.

Planners Oppose Marijuana Dispensaries
The city Planning Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to recommend that the city ban medical-marijuana dispensaries as a land use. Other area cities, including Yucaipa, Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont and Pomona, have taken temporary measures to block dispensaries. Medical marijuana has been prohibited in Grand Terrace, Upland, Montclair and Ontario

California Medical Marijuana Laws Conflict
The State of California currently operates under two medical marijuana laws, Proposition 215 California Compassionate Use Act was approved by a vote of the people and instituted in 1996. Senate Bill 420 was passed by the legislature and became law in 2004. Both allow growing marijuana and possession of the leaf for medical purposes. The two laws conflict as Prop 215 makes no mention of amounts while SB 420 quantifies the number of plants and ounces that may be in possession.

Pot Club Permits Stuck In Limbo
As the deadline nears for San Francisco medicinal marijuana dispensaries to come into compliance with strict new city codes, no club in The City has received an official permit.

Support SB-529 to Protect Safe Access at California Collectives!
On Monday, July 2, the California Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation will debate a bill that could provide sales tax relief to some of the state’s oldest medical cannabis collectives. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has been working on the issue of sales tax and medical cannabis for over two years. While we have opposed taxing medication from the beginning, this bill is a compromise that would provide some relief to patients and collectives statewide. We need you to take action immediately to get this important bill adopted.

Worldwide Cannabis News - Updated Daily!

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Car Passengers
The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that a passenger in a vehicle has the same right as a driver to challenge the constitutionality of a traffic stop.
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The War on Medical Marijuana
Anthropologists of the future will look back upon these times as incredibly barbaric. One such example is medical marijuana, which is already legal in a dozen states, yet prohibited -- and trumped -- by federal law.
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Tickets For Marijuana Possession OK'd
MANITOWOC,WI. — Possession of marijuana is now an ordinance violation, and first-timers who get caught with the drug face a city citation rather than a misdemeanor charge.
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Suit Illustrates Why The War on Drugs Should Not Include a War on Hemp
Yesterday, two farmers filed suit in the federal district court of North Dakota. They are seeking a declaratory judgment against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that would allow them to cultivate hemp, a profitable crop with many legal uses.
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Sativex Approved in Canada
GW Pharmaceutical's cannabis-based drug has been approved as a treatment for cancer pain in Canada, the company announced yesterday. The under-the-tongue spray Sativex is already on sale in the country as a treatment for multiple sclerosis
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Senate Overrides Medical Marijuana Veto
With the 29-4 vote in the Senate Tuesday to override Gov. Donald Carcieri's veto, there is just one more hurdle to clear before Rhode Island's medical marijuana law is made permanent.
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Advocates Smoldering Over Boy's Suspension
Advocates for a suspended Saskatchewan high school student are demanding a probe into the boy's treatment after his research into the effects of marijuana triggered a storm of controversy and harsh punishment.
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Collateral Punishments for Marijuana Crimes Can Exceed Those for Murder
Marijuana offenses, even those considered minor in many states, carry punishments that go far beyond whatever fines or jail sentences the court imposes, in some cases literally lasting a lifetime and more severe than the sanctions imposed on violent criminals, according to a study to be issued July 2.
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In the so-called "BONG HiTS 4 JESUS" case. Joseph Frederick, a high school student, was suspended for displaying a banner bearing that peculiar message across the street from his school as the Olympic Torch passed by in 2002, on the grounds that promoting illegal drug use is against school policy. Frederick sued, alleging a First Amendment violation.
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Most Presidential Candidates Back Medical Marijuana Patient Protection
With the medical marijuana issue already drawing attention on the presidential campaign trail, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has returned to New Hampshire to join with local residents in an effort to press the candidates to take a stand on behalf of the seriously ill and their caregivers. As a result, most major party presidential candidates have already expressed support for ending federal attacks on medical marijuana patients and caregivers, including Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), who defended the federal medical marijuana raids in 2004.
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No More Automatic Arrest For Possession In Texas
As of September 1, people caught with up to a quarter-pound of marijuana in Texas will no longer automatically be arrested. Under HB 2391, a bill passed by the legislature and signed into law June 15 by Gov. Rick Perry (R), police will have the option of issuing a summons to appear for misdemeanor pot possession, as well as a number of other small-time offenses.
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