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JummeJum's Double Reflector Meltdown

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Hey 420!
This is my first journal, so any advice, information and so on is needed :)

2ft x 2ft x 5ft
2x 96x3w Reflector TopLED
Growing medium
Hempy and soil
GH FloraDuo 2-part
100m PrimaKlima filter, 1x clip-on fan, inline fan.

plants are unknown and is from a white label seed mix. i might go out and buy some AF - pictures later :)


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I'll have a peek at this since I just put that same panel in my flowering chamber about two weeks ago.


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Hi just asking but are those roots showing in that last photo? Just an interested party.


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Greenthumb J

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I would suggest covering your roots with a layer of soil THEN adding either your hydroton or a layer of cleaned playground sand to keep the moisture in, the temperature of your soil down as well as provide an uninhabitable environment for insects!


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Tiny and very healthy looking. YEah!!!

Greenthumb J

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Can you explain your cloning technique?

In your last picture, are those clones on the far right? with the yellowing leaves?

People think that when clones start to turn yellow, its because they aren't getting enough light. This is false.

Clones should NOT receive any direct light as they do not have any means to intake water and can not photosynthesize, thus they start to cannibalize themselves, shown by the yellowing of your leaves there.

Here is an article explaining this, with a link at the bottom of the article to a very successful cloning method.

How does light affect freshly cut clones?
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Can you explain your cloning technique?
In your last picture, are those clones on the far right? with the yellowing leaves?
Yes the 4 on the right - 3 of them has roots, last one and others are freshly cut. I have not experienced any issues while cloning in soil, but i am very noobious when it comes to hempy. they have been in there for a couple of weeks +/- but didn't have a ph pen. :s

Besides that i actually just cut, i've cloned many different ways but i've found this the most succesful, especially if growing in soil. they will root.
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Long time no see.

I've been working around with my hempy buckets for easier flush later on.

And i bought a AF Grape Muerto. So will be running 3 unknown clones from white label seed mix and 1x grape muerto (barneys farm)
type: Indica
yield: 25-50gr
height: 50cm
flower time: 58-63 days
harvest time: auto flowering
thc: 12-15%
cbd: high
genetics: Grapefruit X Skunk#1 X Ruderalis