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Jus a lil bit


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I have been collection all sorts of pipes, bongs, etc, since I started smokin weed, & also tried different methods along my way of packin bowls...I used 2 cram a big 'ol bud into my pipes, but found that really, it doesn't smoke as well that way, as compared 2 breakin up a smaller or medium size bud, & I find that it doesn't waste so much & leave u with a chunk of black. I have a great lil bong, & I swear, it only takes 1 tiny piece of bud 2 to get a huge bong hit, this is how I'm able 2 make my weed last longer. Anyone else do this, jus curious???


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Yes, that's is exactly how I do it! I have a nice little glass bubbler. I load up half or less of a bowl, milk it in the chamber, and inhale. Works perfect and generally 1-2 hits is all I need.
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