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Just A Couple Questions


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Hey guys just wanna make sure I got everything right can you let me know if im wrong or right and if im wrong give me the correct answer.

Ill be starting a grow soon and just wanna make sure I got everything right. Ill be growing Northern Lights under a 600 Watt MH/HPS in a 5ft long by 4 ft wide by 12ft high area.

Temp - 78 degrees
PH - 6.5 soil
Water -Every 2 days or when plant looks dry.
Nutrients - Start nutes in the 2nd week 1/4 strength and grudally increase, need help on deciding what nutes to get and where to get them from.
Light - 600 watt mh/hps 18 inches away from the plant or hold hand under if its hot move up if its warm leave?
Soil - Not sure yet. Cant get Fox Farm around here so need to research ones at home depot that will work. Use 5 gallong buckets.
Veg - For 4-5 weeks or when plants reach atleast 12" tall
Flower - 5-6 weeks or when the hairs turn brown/amber 50%
Flush - 2 weeks before harvest. Do I water them after the flush or just let them go with no water until the end.
drying - hang dry then bag method burping and shaking every once in a while then mason jars repeat.

Is there anything im missing or is my info wrong? Just wanna make sure I got a good idea of everything. :51::rasta:


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Temp...70-75, but below 80 if possible. Keep plenty of fresh air circulating.
Veg...until they reach sexual maturity (alternating nodes)
flowering depends on strain...until the trichomes reach the desired color - not the hairs
Flushing...is to remove unwanted nutrients n the soil. they will still need watered during the last 2 weeks.

Home Depot has some great soils...they can be made better with other things they sell...like hydrated lime, perlite, bone meal, and blood meal.

Get after it!


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I have heard good things about Miraclegrow's Organic soil. I would suggest organic nutrients if possible, everything Akorn mentioned. Might want to look into guano's as well, you can make teas with them. If you try fish emulsions I suggest using a 1/8th strength to start because even though they are organic they are so strong they tend to burn. I'm a firm believer in Organics.


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Thanks for the help guys. I should have all the supplies I need and all the info I need to start in about 2 weeks.
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