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Just a quick one about cfl,s


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just want to know when using cfl in the first few days/weeks of veg .do i need to have my cfls on 24/7 and also if they are on 24/7 should my vent fan be on aswell. cheers


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I like to place the fan so the babies wiggle every once in a while.
helps build stronger plants.

The closer they are the better.
That's all I use in my veg areas.

Oh One Other thing, the spectrum of the bulb.
Anytime you use a single bulb/light source, make sure it's Full Spectrum.
I use shop light with 2 tubes,
one cool white and one warm white(bath/kitchen)
and since the usable light range with those floros is only 6-8 inches, as the plants grow you have to add&arch around the plants.

(now where that cheap guy that failed go?)
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