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Just a stupid Question.


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High Guys, Just a Stupid question but how do you make hash??? When I was younger I used to smoke more hash than I did weed. But being young I never thought about how it was made. And now I can't find any hash anywhere. So what I'd like to know is how hard is it to make and what do you need to make some high quality Hash. THANKS. :tokin:


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in order to make some high quality hash, the very first thing you need is some high quality fully mature plants, so your gonna have to grow a good crop to even get started so you can collect the keif/hash/trichs from the leaves and what falls off the bud and some kind of screen to collect them....other than that your gonna have to read the recommended thread because i have no exp with hash:thumb:

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After checking out the link above, you may consider checking out YouTube. You can probably find tutorials. If anything find Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow, he has a segment on how to make hash with your trimmings; it's pretty easy to follow and will give you a good direction.
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