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Hi folks I'm like a sponge for taking in useful information I've been reading a LOT of good stuff on 420 and decided to join, I don't smoke green but I enjoy watching something come from almost nothing to an amazing thing of beauty. I look forward to meeting and greeting other new users and the more experienced older users, take care for now and I hope to catch you up in a bit


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I don't smoke it either, just take it raw. And I'm the same way, I grow lots of food plants (not yet Cannabis) and it's incredible watching them all grow and thrive. You'll be able to learn so much from the growers here, enjoy your stay!


devils letuce

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:welcome: to :420:

wow u dont smoke weed at all? ..

Granny Evie

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Welcome! Learning is awesome...knowledge is power! You say you do not smoke...do you eat edibles? I have restless legs and eat an edible before bed...cannot get a restful sleep without!


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021

Granny evie i am the same , my legs and feet drive me nuts at night , i didnt smoke any of my first couple of grows but this year my bud got better , i thought feck it why not have a puff , so i got a little pipe as i give up smoking cigs 4 and half years ago , take 2 draws and happy days my sleeping is much better , 95 percent better
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