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Howdy, guys

I've been following these forums for awhile and, having learned a substantial amount of info, figured I'd go ahead and sign up.

I'm a noob at grows, currently practicing on unknown street seed. I've done a grow before, from a gift of feminized chemdog seeds. However, the genetics were so strong, they all but cured their own bud by the time it was finished. Fast forward several years and given an environment for growing either indoors or out (20+ acres of fairly wooded property), I'm giving myself a challenge of growing these unknowns, troubleshooting as needed, until I'm confident enough to successfully grow known strains that I have in mind.

So, hello! I'm looking forward to talking and learning a bit more.


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Hello ClosetTomatos welcome to :420: :welcome: That's a great name. I grew tomatos under one of my new leds.

Very glad to have you here on the best site for all things cannabis. I'm interested to hear your experiences, it sounds like you have ample room to grow good things :)

There are some handy links for navigating the site in the New Member Start Links forum and FAQs is a great place to find answers.

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