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Hey guys,
i would like to say hello to all ya'll growerz and smokerz.
i'm comin from overseas (somewhere in europe) where weed still is illegal.
it is not as worse as in some parts of the u.s. (i just had read some of "the Victims of the War on Marijuana" posts and couldn't believe it that the feds can send you to jail for a fuckin joint in your pocket.) but the harrasment against potheads highly increased in the last years here too.
i'm a "proud" pothead since closely 20 yearz. one day after a hard smokin session i realized, that if i'd grow my own herb, could save me alot of money even if i had to invest some cash first to buy some equipment. said and done.
since that day i fall in love with growing herb.
i'm growin only on soil and with organic fertilizers like biobizz (i don't know if ya guys know that firm or their products ;) )
i guess i'll start a report after my current grow (S.A.D. SweetAfghaniDelicious) and give ya'll a lil overview on how i grow my herb.

PeAcE :roorrip:


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Welcome Hashberry, glad to have you here by all means you can start posting stuff about your grow in the middle of it, just personally speaking i love it when the "show" is already started.

Plant and Bud Photos - 420 Magazine is a great place to start

Enjoy surfing our forum and Spread the word please :D

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Welcome aboard :420: and please do share your grows with us. This is a great community to share and learn. Soil and organics are the best way to go imo. Please enjoy all the forums and help us make this mission a reality to spread Cannabis Awareness across the globe... :yummy:

Kick your shoes off, light one up and stay awhile with us :thumb:


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Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine,
Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness...:smokin:

MV... :popcorn:
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