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I'm currently waiting for parts and seeds to do a hydro grow, so I decided to utilize the producer's 125W fluoro to grow some bagseed. Here they are! They just popped out today. I used the paper towel method to germinate. That actually worked quite well for me. I did a big "No! No!" and used Miracle Gro soil. Shame on me, right? I figured this would be just for fun anyway, so we'll see what happens. ;-) I realize in the pics it seems like the fluoro is too far away, but it's about 8 inches away. I also realize the soil is a little dry, but 2nd watering of the day is coming very soon. ;-) The tallest one grew that much in a few hours.




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Finally, a journal from you! Let's hope they grow and grow like mad and overtake the grow box.


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^Lol! Thank you ThatBoyDean and WaVancouver. I wouldn't have done it without WaVancouver convincing me. Thanks. ;-)

Here's the box my "girls" will be moving to in the next couple weeks. The left side is the veg side and the right the flowing side. This box has 1 125w fluoro for veging and 1 400w HPS for flowering.

If you notice the clone tray at the top doesn't reach all the way to the front of the box. This it to allow room for 2 mother plants, or for me 3 vegging plants. The tray is removed when the seeds are germinated. They then go into the hydro veg which you can see below the tray.


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wow ms fox I cant wait to see how your grow turns out. I love the grow cabinet, where did you get it


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Thank you KevinStoner and getsumkin and BubbaKush! I'm pretty excited myself to see what is gonna happen. ;-) Both boxes are used from BC Northern. The first pic of the plants is taken in the one called the "Producer" and the second one below that empty is the called the "Bloom Box".

Thanks ThatBoyDean! I figured that, but I'm curious as to how well the fans that are in there work without adding any. To me they are no where near adequate enough, so if I see my plants looking weak I will definitely invest in a few.


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That cabinet is very cool.

I thought those things came with lights and everything installed already though? The fans do seem surprisingly small but everyone who owns one seems to get very good results with little effort. Good luck, I hope you got some room left in the back seat cause I'll be watching this for sure!



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Can't wait for our good seeds to show up this next week Baby!! Then we will be ready. I get producer, you get Bloom box. need 5 more 12" airstones though. Anyone know where to get some ph increaser, and decreaser. & a test kit? will a pool supply company have one? I think there reading is different from what we need though? :p


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Thank puffsamust! Yes, they usually do come fully loaded with pretty much everything but the seeds; however, we received them used. They were missing all bulbs, baskets, rock wool, hydroton, clone dome, and one of the computers was smashed in (which requires replacemet). Also I'm waiting for the necessary seeds and nutes and etc.... So, unfortunately they require a little more attention before they are up and running.

FloridaBud - Thanks baby! Without you I wouldn't have re-entered the growing community. You have really inspired me to do what I love, which is to grow!

4twenty4all - Thank you so much for the rep! I hope they continue to grow well. I'm a little worried about the Miracle Grow, but we'll see!

Here's a pic of all three today. They look good with nice healthy stems.

In the lead is sprout #1!

2nd runner up!

Last but definitely not least Sprout #3


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Sounds like you have a good plan! I cant stress this enough...Miracle Grow is horrible...So I suggest you get some new soil. Miracle grow soil has alot of time release ferts. Since they are time release you cannot flush them, meaning its easy to burn your plants.


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I used Miracle Grow my first grow and I was wondering why my plants were all F'ed up after ferting them for a week. So i flushed and flushed them and had a crap grow, lol.

I love how all the ones are tall and this lil' itty one, awww how cute, lol.

NICE GROW. Can you imagine it a month from now? :D


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Thanks StonerGrower! I am keeping a close eye on them, so if I see ANY change I will immediately transplant into different soil. I may transplant even before then. Thanks.

WaVancouver: LOL! I know, she's definitely the runt of the litter, but she's lookin better today. I'm gonna update pics later tonight so you'll see.

Thanks Harry Red! I'm very excited to use the boxes to their full potential. ;-)
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