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Ive been a member for a few weeks, I really enjoy seeing all of these people unafraid and doing what they love. I am 32, a college graduate, and I own a lawn care and landscaping company in Omaha, NE.
I was 7 when I finally unlocked the door my dad insisted on staying locked. That was my first time in a grow room, although it was in the 80s, I still remember the smell. The real kicker, my mother was a sheriffs deputy, gun and all. She said she never smoked once in her life, and I believed her. She had nothing against it, just couldnt smoke it. Until cancer, breast, liver, stomach, and eventually brain cancer. I flew more than 100 times from NE to CA with a serious felony in my bag just so she could be without pain.
I have been growing, since 94 when I was in high school, like I said, my dad was way cool. My first strain was skunk#1, and made over 8,000.00 dollars that summer, selling to my friends. I have not gone without at least one harvest a year since then.
I managed to get my huge hands on a Blueberry/White Widow mother from an old guy. That mother lasted me a looong time, now I have 7 mothers, 3 mazar, 4 bbww. I clone 90 every two weeks, usually 40 or so take.
I love what I do. I dont sell for profit anymore. I just make sure the Rugby team is kept well stocked. MJ really helps for deep tissue bruises, sprained ankles and fingers, better than aspirin ever would.
Long story short, I do have my share of experience, but could always use more input. I do post pics, and have a second week flowering happening, so pics will be updated.



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Brother, Sick Introduction! :welcome: Aboard! Very Happy you are here. Please stick around Meeting All the great Members by posting and Posting often. A great service you are doing for those Rugby players. Rugby is a badass sport! You sound like a Badass Grower. Seems you have your hands full...Clones Alone. Think about looking into starting A grow Journal here, Then Post all the pictures you want there. Friend, this all sound very intriguing hope to see and hear more from you in the forums. You will make a Great Addition to 420 Helping us Spread Cannabis Awareness to someday legalize this Wonderful plant! See you around Bro. :roorrip: :peace:


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Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing what everyone is growing, how they are growing, I seriously think that if everyone just started growing it, regardless of law, the g o v couldnt do a single thing about it, maybe I dream.

I will have a journal posted in a day or so, Ima take some choice pics! Dont want to post em on my computer.!!

Tell you what, Nebraska is going to be one of the last states to decrim or legalize MM even. Its kind of sad. But god fearing old farmers dont like the reefers. Just because they dont want it, need it or think anyone else should either. Its the same old story. But I might be moving to Iowa if the get smart across the river. Ahhh, legal Blueberries, in bushels! On that note, if any info about debates, or law reviews, or if they legalize while Im asleep, send it my way.

Once again, thanks and be safe!
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