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Well I have received so much from this site over the past year that I have decided to give back. Now I've only grown for a year so my experience is minimum compared to most here. (Hence I'm posting in the newbie thread) I'm just trying to help those with answers to questions in one thread.

When I decided to do this, because of my line of work, I decided that security aka privacy was the most important thing. So I followed some simple rules. One (1) is the magic number. Meaning nobody and I do mean nobody knows I'm growing but me. So I got a PO box in another state for all deliveriesall :!:. You can figure out how to get one. I chose deliveries for everything because one day while doing some research on nutes, materials and the like at a hydro shop near my old apartment I overheard some youngins talking about lights. One of the idiots exclaimed " You should get this one to replace that blue light you got over it". Another time I went in pricing stuff an idiot walks in with a female. While SHE was paying for the items he picked up this fools was staring at me :fire:. When I turned around to confront the fool he turned his head. Hence I stay out of grow/hydro shops. Their overpriced anyway. I still don't trust the clerks in hydroponic stores because I got the feeling while talking to a few of them that they don't take to questioning of their prices to good. Was concerned, probably needlessly, that they would copy down your tag number and report you to the cops for suspected growing.:roll: Hence never park in front or within sight-line of the grow/hydro shop.
I then decided a box not a tent was best for me because a box could be insulated for noise reduction. A tent cannot. Here was the tricky part. Hauling plywood and other building materials would mean others would see me and question what was I building. You have a choice here. Either build it yourself or have it built and then bring it into your house like any other piece of furniture. Since I had a carpenter friend that would make me an "armoire" if I got the materials this worked for me. I just simply customized the "armoire" to my needs;-) even put wheels on it. To shorten the thread up I'll just list everything here.

1.Decided on Hydro Pros: Fast growth. ph and other levels easily managed. easy cleanup, not much materials to store/acquire simple nutes, buckets, air stones, hoses and meters. Cons: Shit can go wrong fast if you don't pay attention to the ph.
2.Get a light setup with a glass enclosed hood. This kills 2 birds with one stone. One it keeps the heat off the plants (learned this the hard way) and second it allows you to run the vent past the light to cool it and out of the box. I decided to start with a 400w hps/hd light to avoid any major jumps in electricity cost so as not to attract attention. This worked bill maybe changed by a few dollars. When I went to 12/12 I ran them during the day and then switched off at night. Winter time this worked out great because I just opened a window when I left for the day and this kept the box exceptionally cool.
3. I asked a question some time back about growing several different strains in one dwc. Please don't make this mistake. Each strain is different and if something goes wrong ie: ph gets out of hand, then you loose the entire crop. Individual buckets was my solution. Just get a pump with multiple outlets. Plus this offers better maneuverability if some strains are taller than others. I also decided that I would grow several different strains get maximum yield and stop by the summer. That way I could get all I wanted in a short time. The longer you do something anything the more attention you get.
Well that's my two cents worth. I hope this helps someone. Keep it Green:weed:
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