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Just One seed dropped out?


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Hi everyone ,

What do you make of this ?

I just chopped 1 down and there were parts inside the big colar which looked like it was rotting. I picked it all apart and threw the " bad bits " and I still got 2 oz off of it ! What caused that I wonder ? it had been hung for 2 days and I thought wonder what its like inside now.

Anyway , how do you work this one out man , when I was trimming it up a single seeds popped out onto the table !!!! It was the ONLY one and it sure does look like a cannabis seed ( IT IS ONE ) , I`ve put it into a plastic bag anyway and put it in my fridge . ( be great for next year to keep this strain going otherwise will have to try to keep a mother over winter time till next growing season.

What do you think my friend . by thge way the good bud is great , no problems but its a female cutting of course and it has NOT been fertilized cos I have NO males anywhere at all ? If it had turned hermie surely there wqould be loads of seeds , NOT JUST ONE !

Has anybody seen this happen before or heard of it happening even ?

I was thinking it MUST be a female seed because it can`t have any male hormones can it ?

So should be good to grow next March then at beginning of new grow season ?

I`ve not tried growing in the winter months before so if that fails and I have to close down ( actually could do with a break from it anyway at some stage ) I will still have this seed to start off with again right ?:420:

I was going to upload a pic of the plant involved but dont know what the url is ? The pic concerned is in the gallery under Bills Bud Bubblegum or something like that....Anyone can help with posting the pic be grateful ?


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aha here is the pic of the big bud bubblegum thats mentioned above. I have some other pics but hard to fit the plant into single frame so I thought this one might be best. Its in my kitchen at night by the way....lol..soon to be chopped.


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I had a Big Bud that I reharvested (still miss her badly) that seeded up also. Its been two years and I still use her seeds for some BB when wanting a big harvest, easy.
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