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Just sayin hello

Old Salt

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:welcome: to the forum!

Ask away, and we'll try to help. It's a good idea to start a grow journal here. It serves as a handy future reference, and helps us diagnose problems should they occur.

Lancashire farmer

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:welcome: @Robgibbs0125, you've came to the right place, there's some very knowledgeable members here.
Sure you make some good friends too :ganjamon:.

Momma’s Kitchen

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New guy here just che CV king it out. I hear this is the spot for great info.
Welcome to the 420 Mag family!
So many great knowledgeable people here.
reach out for any advice or just to share. Pictures always work best to get accurate guidance.
Have a great day!


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Hey rob! Welcome to :420:

is that your last name. My work partner has a very similar last name. Very similar:smokin2:
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