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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 11/15/03 ]

Police bust hydroponic pot-growing system

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer

Cherokee County sheriff's deputies trying to serve an arrest warrant at a house on Earney Road had the right address, but the man they were after wasn't there.

It wasn't a wasted trip, however.

John William Dinsmore, 30, answered the door when the deputies came calling late Tuesday night. While attempting to verify whether Dinsmore was the man whose name was on the arrest warrant, the deputies noticed a quantity of what appeared to be marijuana on a bed, said Deputy Nicole Combs.

After getting a search warrant for the house, investigators found a hydroponic marijuana-growing system operating in the basement, with 46 plants being cultivated, Combs said. Two rooms in the house were used for propagating the plants, she said.

Dinsmore was charged with trafficking in marijuana and is being held with no bond at the Cherokee County jail.