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Just started growing.


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Right now I am growing Durban Poison, I have nice soil for it, nice lighting, etc. It's growing pretty nice, if anyone wants a picture I can get them later.

Right now i'm trying to sprout 2 seeds of mids I got a few days ago to start growing at home. (I grow the DP at my girlfriends place, she has the tools for it)

The problem is, I literally have no money or nothing to help grow these seeds. So i'm looking for tips on growing with barely anything. I've been looking around my neighbourhood for soil, but I don't think anyone uses soil.

Right now I have the seeds wrapped in wet paper towels, till they at least sprout, then i'm moving them into a cut 3 liter bottle that i've cleaned out. I plan on using sunlight, the bathroom in my room is perfect IMO.

Is it possible to grow in normal dirt that I find outside? Would I be able to grow at all with this method?

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Ahoya Brother Drazen

Mmmm, Durban Poison. I have had the honor of puffing that many years back, but have not grown it.

Pics would be appreciated so that we can follow your joy as they grow and as to the growing with little to no money , take a look at this thread :

420 Magazine ®.

Best of luck brother

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Naw, Just to answer your last question. Growing indoors with soil found outdoors isn't a good idea. Thats not to say it couldn't work, but normally it causes more problems than shelling out five or ten dollars for a small bag of potting soil. I mean Walmart's soil is really cheap, the miracle grow organic choice is OMRI approved so it okay to use too. Five $ and it will fill three or four of your 3 litter pots.

You said you don't have much to invest but regardless I would take what I have at my disposal and get a few essentials of the indoor cannabis garden. Such as light(s), soil (big one), and a fan to keep air moving and heat off the foliage.
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