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I have been looking around for an unbiased (if possible) study on outdoor nutrient comparisons. I found one or two "comparison type studies but, they are either outdated or, not what I wanted.

So, what I am asking is, anyone see or know of a empirical study or at the least... a study done w/the only purpose being finding out which nute line provides the most bang for the buck for the outdoor MMJ gardener!

Yes... what this really means is that I am looking into something to try this Summer! Challenging my current beliefs and grow techniques on a never ending quest to grow the best medicine I can! :cool027:


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Outdoor go straight chemical... Ammonium nitrate, phosphus, dr iron with mg, dio earth. There is pix of my outdoor plant on my thread.... They were all over 10 feet. The bugs were too.

With outdoor in ground you get size. Mel frank has an old book on outdoor. His grew 40 ft. Lol


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Pretty sure the 10 lbs plants are outdoor and done by a person named Humboldt Local. If I remember right, he mixes his own soil and uses bat guano as ferts for the most part.

I don't think you are going to see 10lb hydros!

LOL, yes. Maybe if you owned a warehouse, but the root space must be nuts.

1 plant per 50 gallon tote? :30:

IDK if you will actually find the information you are looking for, I haven't really heard of any studies like that ever being done; or at least being done often. But I will say this: Compost (and compost tea) is probably the greatest organic fertilizer on the Earth. It contains all of your essential nutrients beneficial bacterial, fungi and other microbes. If you worked compost into your soil really deep (5 feet) I think you could get 10lbs plants easily. Worms would help too, they would constantly release worm castings into your soil, and can live deep within your soil.


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I watched JC's film about California giants and there were some really big plants in that one. I've never seen plants that big before. Also, I have seen DWC plants in big totes that were really big for indoor.
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