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Just tried my crop


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my buddy and I were just in the grow room and found some buds that are pretty much done (like 4-5days) so we picked one chopped it up and threw it in the volcano and we are fucked right up, holy shit can't wait till it's all done this shit is awesome. :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore:


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Thats awesome, I hope next year I can get my shit right and have my own crop.


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yeah, nice man. im sure it was great. i can only imagine. the first time i smoked my crop i felt so exited and it came with a great scence of accomplishment. nice stuff have fun.


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your babies are beautiful!


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wooohooo man glad to hear it u deserve it man all the hard work u put into your grow has finally paid off man. just think about it youll be gettin blazed everyday when the harvest is done. i praise thee :adore: :adore: :439: :peace:
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