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just wondering how im doing? first time cfl grow

growing swazi gold, day 5, sativa/indica under two cfl light bulbs, one 11w-60w equivalent and one 21w-100w equivalent. just want some opinions on if my plant looks good and healthy and is the right size for its age. thanks
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Yep looks good... please keep us posted. Once it gets to tall and if falls over you are going to need a stronger light. Maybe a 400w MH light if you really want to bomb medicine.



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You can do well with cfl's. If you can hang them side ways you will have a lot more light on your plants. And yes, they look just fine.
its loads bigger guys! its 2 weeks old today and its on its 4th set of leaves, ill upload pics in morning made a whole new grow box for the lil lady and and trimmed her baby leaves of and her first set of true leaves, kinda lolly popped early to give stronger growth to top foliage, please remember this is my first time growing with only 1! cfl light bulb and i dont want my plant to be big..hell no! this is a full on secret grow and i think im doing well :) will update with pics in the morning.....


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From my first grow and still growing them...

looking good Bruv.
I bought some 23w CFL, started out with a home brew 4x cfl rack (a bit of wood that houses 4x cfl bulbs) I had them in a big moving box i got hold of and turned it side ways, and kitted it out with $ store sun/heat reflector sun viser that one uses to block out the sun when in the car parking lot or whatever ;) kitted out the top all 4 sides, screwed the light bar to the top and installed a fan on low, to help strengthen up the stem, Rh was 10% and Temp kept at 76/80F on a hot day... lights are very in-portend for growth, look in to colors Blues are for root growth and vegy, really helps, you could add them as side lighting to help the under leaf's.
my ladies are called AZ Reg which is:
Strain Name: Reggie
Grade: C
Type: Sativa
Looks: the color is a light dull green.the buds are medium sized with a few seeds,stems.
Smell: smells piney with a touch of skunkiness.
Taste: tastes like it smells but with a sort of buttery after taste.
Effects: One hit and my whole mind state is altered slightly altered,i got a little light headed. After a few more hits, my body felt high, mellow, and happy.
Potency: 5/10
Reviewed by: louis hernandez
Good Strain For: daytime use because the effects arent overwhelming but still gets the job done.

there's where seeds that i had left over, and took a chance as a first time grow. now they are in the flowing stage showing pistols so all 3 are female ;) (Phew) thought i was going to have some Lads lol
anyhow keep it up Question what are you using in your H20 ? and how are you balancing out the PH?
i am using a 5 gal drinking water bottle, and add about 20ml or Cc's of White viniger and use the Filtered water from the Fridge to fill it
thus bypassing all the heavy toxins and potent Chlorine levels. once all said and tested, my ph is around 6.2 which will climb over time to 6.8 and Cl = 0 this I pour this into another 5 gal home depo bucket with lid, that i call my reservoir, i have also added a fish air pump and air stone to introduce more o2 in to the water and air stone to boot. leave it over night to bring up to room sub tropical Temp ;)
anyhow some ideas for ya there.. also keep a record and photos to help
I have now since moved my ladies back into the Closet, and adds another 4x CFL light bar so now there is 8x 23 w CFL=800w equil. ;)

good luck m8.

Kush Krusher...
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