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No, you're not going crazy.

There's a lot to admire with Cannabis. Two visibly different sexes is just the start.

It's a plant that most of us started using recreationally. Now we're seeing more and more proof every day that it has a wide range of use medicinally. It can be used several different ways, depending on what ails you.

What I find most amazing, is growing up, always hearing about cancer, and how it was becoming more and more prevalent, and how we have scientists searching for a cure for cancer...

And here I am, sitting in my grow, looking right at the cure for cancer.

Not to mention it's a nice looking plant, and some are absolutely gorgeous, and would make a great addition to any outside garden :)

Nyhm Reaper

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beautiful plant, sweet fragrance, very resilient, lots of training options and those are just a few of the benefits of growing not to mention consumption.
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