K.C. Brains® Sweet Dreams


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I ordered a 10-pack of K.C. Brains® Sweet Dreams from dope-seeds... Just came in today, this was my first order from a seedbank and these arrived in perfect condition so i'm excited :cheesygrinsmiley: Anyone have any experience with this strain??

This fine indoor variety which will give you a large yield. The plant has an imported Californan BB Skunk for a mother, crossed over with a K.C. 606.
Inside flowering 6-9 weeks
height. appr. 100 cm, yield up to 130 gram


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its a Skunk crossed with a KC 606.
i cant actually figure out what a KC 606 is...

i was kinda wondering because im trying some of thier Haze Special which is Nevills crossed with the 606. its a wierd and highly imbred plant so far:laughtwo:
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