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A friend of mine is a genius of sorts, and a real prankster at heart. Today he just topped the list of my fav pranks. We were chilling this afternoon and the topic got onto airports, security checks and sniffer dogs. We were pretty baked, and still are (he's beside me now still pissing himself), and he puts it to me that we go fuck up the day for the sniffer dogs at the airport. Okay, sure I think, can't do much in the airport, and off we go.
On the way to the airport my mate pulls out a bag of old dry bud and tells me to crush it up fine. He tells me he is going to walk through the airport sprinkling kief all over the departure lounge; up and down the queues of people and their bags, in the toilets, on the luggage conveyer and in the cafe. So we get to the airport and he heads off. We both knew that customs and police use K9s frequently at the airport so we were hoping for a laugh.
Before we both headed back into the departure lounge we double checked to make sure we had nothing illegal on us. Hah, two blazed ninnies. We got our coffees and donuts and went found a seat. Not ten minutes...my mate just starts giggling lol...and in comes the customs K9. That friggin poor dog lol. Shit, I can't stop laughing myself...the poor dog starts friggin alerting on EVERTHING....old folks, bags, kiddies,...the dog sits LOL...sits everywhere. The dog must have thought it was Christmas! I have never seen anything so hilarious. My mate grabs me and for the final prank, we both leave the terminal, right past where the K9 is. My mate, the dickhead, bets me ten bucks he gets alerted on first. So we walk right up to the dog (beagle) and sure enough the dog sits. My mate just started pissing himself, so I grab his arm and drag him away. The handler did nothing cos the dog had been false alerting on everything.
We've just got in so now it's time to get my mate sorted and get a pipe going. Best laugh I've had in years. I guess you all have a mate like my mate Matty. And the outrageous thing is, he is 62 and I am 52. Two old stoner reprobates! :19:
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LOLOLOLOL. wish you got it all on camera ahahahaha. would've been a youtube moment. that has to be one of the best stories and pransk i've heard in a long time. :headbang::adore:

one time we were at the airport and the dog came and sat at the mcdonalds i had in my bag which i bought in the previous airport. i always wondered why couldn't ppl just shove their illegal contraband in the middle of a big mac and get away with it....
unless its illegal to bring maccas thru customs in ur area...


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HaHaHa. WONDERFUL. That's my kinda fun. I had a dog sniff my shoes at LAX while carrying a baggie in my bra. The dog was sniffing for explosives I guess because he kept on going down the line as the sweat was rolling down my ribs. We should have a "fuck with the airport drug dogs day." HaHaHa.


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HAHA funniest prank I've heard yet. What's more hilarious, is you're 62 and 52, yet still living like you're 22 (which 22 happens to be the age I just turned today haha). I don't know anyone over 50 that'd do that lol. rock on. :allgood:


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:laugh2::3:Good one Moose !:laugh2::3:
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