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I recently bought 5 fem Kalashnikova seeds from greenhouse seeds from a local shop. I ended up with 3 ,but noticed they were growing 3 leaves,stems at a time. as time wore on,2 of my seedlings went pear shape and that left me with one healthy plant. 2and a half weeks later it showed no sigh of female,but did show what could have been male sacs. none had opened so I destroyed it. Its not the firsts time i`ve had this. Anyone else have this problem?


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i'v had the kalashnikova from greenhouse sprout 3 leaves instead of 2, it carries on all through its life, and grows a little slower due to the fact its pushing 1/3 more out at a time, but, in the end it just gets bushier than normal, but still yeilds good.

i also had one show the pear shape, but, still ended up being female in the end.. just some weird growth off that strain.

right now i have a kalashnikova seed going, and its VERY good at handling stress.. i'v beat the crap out of it (root rot, and accidently overdosed it on mag.. then got root rot AGAIN, and chopped off almost all her roots.. finally fixed the cause of that.. lol) and both times it's came back full force.

this strain also STINKS like hell! i normally dont hook up my carbon filter until i flip to flower, but with this baby, she was 4" tall and stinking up my room, and was starting to be detectable when you open the door to the house.. and thats just one little baby.
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