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Kansas Bill Introduced To Legalize Hemp Farming

Robert Celt

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Rep. Willie Dove (R-Bonner Springs) has introduced House Bill 2634, The Alternative Crop Research Act; legalizing industrial hemp in Kansas.

The bill authorizes the Kansas Department of Agriculture and state universities to begin research into planting, cultivating, processing and analysis of industrial hemp demonstration plots by selected licensed growers.

"About 25,000 products can be made from industrial hemp," Dove explained. "With this versatile plant, you can build a house, an automobile or tractor body and a variety of consumer products; from clothing to body care products, to delicious and nutritious snack foods. It's green, also, requiring no pesticide, herbicide or fungicide and the insulation material hempcrete is actually carbon negative. It will provide an ideal rotation crop requiring only a fraction of the water needed by cotton and corn, and processing plants will mean jobs for Kansans."

Action on the bill is expected in the coming weeks.


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