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Kansas: Mother Continues To Push For Medical Marijuana

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A Lenexa mother is hoping the Kansas Senate can help ease her daughter’s pain.

Christine Bay said her daughter Autumn has a mutated gene that makes her prone to seizures.

Autumn’s current medication causes her cardiac arrest when the seizures hit 3 to 4 times a month.

Bay said Autumn’s pediatrician is recommending CBD, an oil created from medical marijuana, which is currently illegal in Kansas.

She told 41 Action News that using CBD has a high effectiveness rate in treating pediatric epilepsy in the states where it’s legal.

With family ties to the area and financial strain caused from her daughter’s condition, she can’t move to 1 of the 23 states that allow medical marijuana.

“At this point, we don’t have the means to relocate, and I don’t feel that a patient should have to relocate to access a medication that their doctor recommends,” said Bay.

As vice president of the marijuana advocacy group “Bleeding Kansas,” she is putting pressure on Kansas state lawmakers to pass the bill. It’s something she says she’s been doing for two years now.

The latest medical marijuana bill in Kansas passed the House with an 81-36 vote Thursday.

It’s now to the Senate for consideration.

Bay said it may stall there. She received an e-mail from Senator Gary Smith saying there may not be enough time in the legislative session to pass the bill.

If it doesn’t come up for a vote, Bay said she’ll keep the pressure on.

“We’ll bring it back next year,” said Bay. “It will definitely not be the last that they hear of baby Autumn.”


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