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I just bought a Kaos bong from my local headshop, Stairway Thru Heaven. Its really thick glass, purple white and yellow, just like LA. Its name is Professor Kaos, but anyways, Its made from recycled glass I guess. I wish i could take a picture, I think I will try to within the next day or so. Its so sick. I have been trying to find information on them online but i havent found anything. If anyone knows about this company or has one of thier own shout me a holla dunn! lol.

It hits really well, can ya tell?


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brian said:
never been to Stairway...what's it like? you got AIM or an email address? i'm from the next town over.

Its got a very nice selection, nice people too.
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Grim_Reefer4_20 said:
iv'e been there.... my sister lives in hartford,ct

Ya, I live about a 3 minute drive from there. Its my favorite place to go. Old Glory is mad expensive and VIP has really REALLY cheap prices, but they are all mass produced, Like theyll have 20 of the same pipe in different color or something. I like something original. If you dont mind and $ is your biggest issue VIP has killer deals on quality shit but Stairway is perfect for me.


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as far as i know they are made in Arizona (dont quote me on this) but they are american made out of a soft american glass. they also were said to have the thickest downstem joints in the industry (their tripple phat ones) but there was some controversy over it but i have yet to find any thicker ones


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i've had mine for about a year and a half to two years now. best piece i've ever bought by far. i have quite a few and i'm clumsy as fuck lol but these things can take it! ive dropped it on hard metal and all sorts of things. i've broken alotta pipes and even a bong the same size as this one, but i dont think i could break this if i tried! hits like a champ too of course. :)


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Bit of an older thread, but i Just bought a sick KAOS 30" double nine arm perc and am supper glad to hear good reviews on the KAOS. I love the american made glass, you know it is high quality. Makes a world of difference when the bong gets knocked over.

I had an nice double perc bong that i knocked over so many times that i ended up breaking both percs inside and the female. but the bong just keeps on rockin.

on the other hand my budy left his at my place and i broke the first week i had it. the first time it tipped over, i could tell it was crapy glass.
I'll get a pick of my new friend soon enough


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The year is 2021 and I've owned a Kaos bong since 2002. The base is so thick and it's center of gravity is so low that the damn thing never tips over and will never break either. I researched the brand when I was a kid and I remember they went out of business according to the employee at Clown Glass in Minneapolis at the time. I don't know much else about the company other than that each piece they make is original and not a replication. Keep smokin' strong my kind buds. ✌☯️
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