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Karm2020's Unknown Soil, Unknown Sativa, First Grow Journal 2019


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Hey all !
I got the opportunity to adopt some young sativa-looking plants from a friend. i know very little about growing. he said all the nutrients were in the soil already and it just needed to be in a tent. The tent in the pictures is a VERY last minute pvc pipe assembly with some reflectrix insulation. Im way new to this and am in need of advice. I've ordered the VivoSun 48"x24"x60"which should arrive in a day or two. I'll post those pics when I've got that set up. After much reading I'm leaning towards environmental shock as the previous owner had them just on a window sill of his apartment. They've been under the lights in the pics for two days at 18/6. He was watering them every other day. I have no idea how old they are. They appear to have been topped very recently. I'm curious how to salvage these girls or are they a lost cause?

What strain is it? unknown
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? sativa/hybrid? unknown %
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 2-4 weeks
If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
If indoor...Dimensions (L x W x D) of grow space? 2x4x4
Soil or Hydro?soil
If soil... what is in your mix? unknown
If soil... What size pot? 3g? fabric pot 3g?
Size of light? 4 x 100w(23w) cfl
Is it aircooled? no
Temp of Room/cab? 75/80
RH of Room/cab? 30-55%
PH of media or res? ~7
Any Pests ? unknown
How often are you watering? previous owner watered every other day
Type and strength of ferts used? unknown

73286988_428296537830970_9104769164970557440_n.jpg73296836_406852706870323_3433358227486539776_n.jpg73504646_1797634787204563_807483164799795200_n.jpg73528762_476330236306017_363370352253861888_n (1).jpg73528762_476330236306017_363370352253861888_n.jpg74173494_582230592317819_6798561190910885888_n.jpg74222801_2511181322297606_8390512530232967168_n.jpg74242344_414595832776684_1810951184874209280_n.jpg74242752_1464924263657749_4658761741914603520_n.jpg74276887_505392860316490_8953873619398688768_n.jpg

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Old Salt

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BTW, :welcome: to the forum...

That depends on what you'll be using, and how large a space you will grow it in. For LEDs a minimum of 30W/sq ft is recommended for the top of the line lights. Check out our sponsors. They have good lights, at reasonable prices. I have two Mars Hydro TS-2000 series lights, and a DIY COB.

You'll eventually need to feed your plants. Start thinking about nutrients. I've switched to Mega Crop this grow. It's probably the cheapest line of nutrients, and there's no mixing from half a dozen or more bottles. The Mega Crop Thread will be a good place to start.

You'll find lots of good information for soil growing in Emilya's current journal. Her paper, 'The Proper Way to Water a Potted Plant' is considered a must read for soil growing.

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After getting 2 Mars Hydro TS 600w lights set up, the humidity is getting a little low at high 40's to low 50's - gonna get a small humidifier set up today which should fix that. In the meantime I've had a mug of warm water with a towel in it next to the fan which has helped a little.

They aren't looking so great but appear to be rebounding. ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


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btw - i attempted to take a clone of the one on the right 2 days ago. I cut the branch at a 45deg angle , immediately soaked in water for a min or 2, then i placed it until i felt resistance in a damp jiffy puck (the puck had been soaked in my tap water which had a pH of 6.5). I then put the jiffy puck/clone into a solo cup filled with Fox Farms Happy Frog (unwatered). I cut 4 holes in the bottom/sides of the solo cup as well. then I put half a 1 liter plastic bottle as a dome. I left the cap off to vent, should i keep it on ? I've been lightly misting the leaves every 6 hrs or so. Again, any tips will be GREATLY appreciated.IMG_0466.JPGIMG_0467.JPG

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The damaged leaves won't recover. I think you need to start feeding them. Since you're in soil, let's ask @Emilya.

New growth will pretty them up soon.


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Since you are only in a partial cup of soil you can easily add more soil by tapping the current root system out of that cup, putting more soil down beneath them and then watering to merge the soil regions together. This will give you plenty of fresh soil to get to the next stage with and I doubt you will need any additional nutes for now.
After you read my watering article you will be familiar with the wet/dry cycle. When your plants can drain all the water out of those cups in 24 hours or so, the very first time, it is time to uppot to a container roughly 3x the size of this one, and then that fresh soil will take you a bit further into veg. Typically, you won't need to feed the plants until week 5 or so because with successive uppotting, fresh soil keeps coming in, and the soil should have everything the plants need until you get to the bloom stage or the soil simply runs out of nutrients.
The humidity domes are a common mistake and I am not a fan of the practice. Marijuana seedlings are pretty tough, and they do not need to be in a tropical humidity zone to thrive. Actually, letting the plant get used to the conditions it is going to have in the grow room is a thing that should be happening from the moment it pops out of the ground... plants do this all the time without additional help. Now since you have made your plant weak with the dome, it can not handle regular dry air, and immediately removing the dome all at once will likely kill the plant. You have to "harden off" the plant now, removing the dome in stages so the plant can acclimate to normal air.


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Thank you very much for your advice! I'll go about adding the extra soil...is fox farms happy frog ok ?

also - How would I harden off the plant?
Yes, the HF is ok for now... you might want to consider a stronger soil such as ocean forest when you start filling your large containers for bloom though.
To harden off, lift up one corner of the dome a half inch or so, and check it in several hours. If it handles that fine, lift it a full inch, and check again in several hours. If still ok, try taking it off for an hour after the lights go off, and see how it does then. If it is still ok, try going overnight, or however long your dark period is, and if still ok, watch carefully on the next dawn to see how it does. If it starts reacting, put the dome on for an hour, and then try this all again. It really is a pain... and it should illustrate to you just how weak the dome makes a plant.
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