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Katins's First Bagseed Micro Grow - Soil & CFL's


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Hello everyone!

So, here goes...[emoji1]

My setup:

DIY carbon filter.

There are 4 x23W CFL bulbs inside the 1'x1'x2" cabinet. Usable grow space is 1'×1'x1'11"

I soaked one bean in water last night and put it in a moist paper towel over the day. Came home to find a 1/16" tap peaking out. Put it in here

And will see where this journey takes me [emoji1]
Everyone is welcome to join.

Any, and I mean ANY, help is highly appreciated, as I already mannaged to kill one plant in seedling stage.. [emoji3] but it was due to temps being way too hot this summer...

So, let the fun beggin!


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Some evening shots:

I up-potted her, as I discovered a large root sticking out the bottom when i peeped on her midday.. [emoji23]
Sprayed the new soil only to moisten it a bit. No watering yet.


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Welcome Quick!

Yeah, shes nice, although I'm getting impatient about watering it... Common sense is if you have a plant - you need to water it..

It was a fun project to build, but be sure to test it well before use. I had to tweak it 4 times because of temperatures getting too high.
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