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Katins's Sativa Micro Grow Adventure: Durban Poison

Amy Gardner

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:thumb: in the zone (i’d Clip the tops and give the lower half till the weekend ;) - but you’re good to go as well :19: )

Nah, It's going to be Timberrrr! :)
I'm eager to wrap this grow up, and start another one in a few weeks, in a new, larger cabinet! I'll move up a tier, from micro, to mini grower.. haha


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Day 87
Day 55 in 12/12

The last day with the lights on. However, she gets to live another day :) I'll be chopping her tomorrow late at night instead of early in the morning.

Pinched out the single mature seed. And what the hell am I seeing here, unborn twin..?



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Day 88
End of week 8 in 12/12

So, down she went today.


The only picture I remembered to take.

She weighed in at 90g wet. So, who said she'll give more than 30g? Show your faces..! lol

Oh, and guess what... I have lost the goddamn seed.!!
Besides trash can, there are two spots wher it could have rolled under.. Hope I find it in one of them.
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