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KCCO’s First Grow In Hydro


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I will start by saying hello to everybody in the 420 community. I have been lurking around for 6 months or so after a good friend joined. I have been growing in soil for a few years and have picked up a lot of good info around here. Thank all of u. Anyways I had to shut down after having a power spike. BS. Now I am trying my hand at RDWC and is a completely new experience to me. I have tried to grow in a flood and drain system many years ago and it was a disaster. I packed it up immediately. Some of the equipment I am using in flower-1000watt hps with a cool tube. Hiblow hp20 air pump. 6 inch fan with filter. Tri meter as well as other fans and timers. In veg- one 4 foot and two 2 foot 6400 k sun blaster bulbs and a fan with a filter. I have a 80L RDWC system in flower. 3 buckets and a res. Also have 3 solo Dwc buckets in veg.


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Love it but the reason I am posting is my ph is dropping like crazy from 6 to 5 every 12 hrs. I have never had it swing like this. I feed on week and water the next. I am using ro water
Wat nutes u using
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