KCMP Grow - 900W LED - Coco Coir - Spring 2015


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I am also using cocoa and AN nutes. Lots of them! I think about 11 during flower. I saw earlier that you were running 3 gallons of water a day through your plants. I do not use a drip, just mix my nutes in gallons and water. I feed at every watering. I water every other day. I water just until I see runoff begin. This usually takes just under a gallon for each 5 gallon pot. The pots sit in those cheap clear saucers from Home Depot. They have raised ridges that the pots sit on so they do not sit in the runoff. I just let the runoff evaporate. It is always dry before the next feeding. I feed at 1/2 the rate on the bottles, usually 4ml per gallon. I am getting close to harvest and they look beautiful! I have to figure how to make a link to my journal.


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Okay everyone time for another update....

Things got a little out of hand with work and school and I have been too busy to post anything over the past few weeks.

I ran into some serious nutrient burn issues around week 7 of flower due to salt build up in my smartpots. I attribute this to my drip system, not neccesarily because of a serious design flaw, but due to the fact that I implimented it and then left for a week leaving everything on auto pilot. Clearly this is NO substitute for checking in on your ladies every day.

I was eventually able to get the burn solved right around flush by using some clearex, but I do think it prevented my buds from swelling up during the last few weeks. I was starting to get some serious yellowing around harvest time, so I am almost positive there are no latent nutrients hanging out in the buds.

The Pre 98 Bubba Kush and Candy Kush were both harvested on Saturday the 3rd, and both Golden Goats were pulled on Friday the 8th. The first two are now happily curing while the goat has moved into the drying tent.

And now on to the best part.... PHOTOS!

First we have a few shots of the Candy Kush and both Golden Goats immediately prior to harvest

Here are a few shots of my old grow tent, which has been repurposed as a drying rack. Currently has a passive lower intake and 260CMF outtake fan keeping a nice gentile airflow over the buds. This system kept the first round of drying buds at 42RH and 70F throughout the entire proccess which took six days. I also used the budwashing technique MaxYields posted in his thread and have been very pleased with the result. A quick inspection under a scope shows no trichome damage and very clean buds and trim!

Golden Goat on the drying rack

Some tasteful nug porn

2 of the more impressive Golden Goat colas (I had about 6 of these per plant)

Candy Kush

Pre-98 Bubba Kush (the nugs are small but GORGEOUS... Almost all calyx with very little leaf, and a few of them took on a nice purple tone.)

Starting the cure.


I was very picky on which buds I kept for the cure this time, and anything that didnt look grade A was thrown into the trim bin.

Final Yield (dry) premium bud.
Candy Kush - 3.8oz
Pre-98 Bubba Kush - 1.8oz
Golden Goat - est 4 - 5 oz

So all in all I ended up with roughly 10 oz of premium buds, and just over 2lbs of trim. The Pre-98 trim has already been processed into butter and I believe Subnoise is going to turn the rest into some really nice bubble hash.

I am also going to attempt to reveg some of these monster trunks into bonsai plants. They were transplanted to smaller pots immediately after harvest, and the root balls recieved a serious pruning and resizing. I hit them with a bunch of leftover voodoo juice to help promote new root growth, and two of them have already begun to sprout a few new leaves. I honestly doubt they will survive, but at this point I have nothing to loose!

Thanks to everyone who followed this journal and offered advice. I will not be able to start another grow until September, and plan to use the same system in a SCROG type setup. I will continue to post updates and final weights after the cure!

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Hope all is well in your world.

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